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IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA is a comprehensive Java programming environment, by many developers and industry experts as the best IDE on the market , providing a range of the most practical combination of tools: Intelligent coding assistance and automation, support for J2EE, Ant, JUnit and CVS integration. Non-parallel coding checks and innovative GUI designer. IDEA frees Java developers from some time-consuming routine work, significantly improving development efficiency. IntelliJ IDEA is considered the most efficient IDE tool for Java development. It integrates a number of practical features in the development process, almost without the mouse can easily do anything you want to do to maximize the speed of development. Simple yet powerful. With some other tedious and complex IDE tools have a sharp contrast.


PhpStorm is a commercial PHP integrated development tool developed and launched by JetBrains, which is known as the best PHP IDE. JetBrains is a technology-leading software development company specializing in the development of productivity-enhancing intelligent software. Headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic, with R&D labs in St. Petersburg, Russia, Munich, Germany and Boston, Massachusetts, JetBrains is designed to help users tweak their coding, run unit tests or provide visual debug capabilities whenever they need them. PhpStorm is designed to help users tweak their coding, run unit tests, or provide visual debug capabilities at any time.


WebStorm is a very good JavaScript development tool of JetBrains company, which is known by the majority of JS developers as the Web front-end development magic tool, the most powerful HTML5 editor, the most intelligent JavaScript IDE, etc. It is homologated with IntelliJ IDEA and inherits the features of the powerful JS part of IntelliJ IDEA.


CLion is a cross-platform IDE designed for developing C and C++. it is based on IntelliJ and includes many smart features to improve developer productivity. CLion is a new cross-platform IDE from Jetbrains designed for developing C/C++. It is based on IntelliJ and includes many smart features to improve developer productivity.


AppCode is a new integrated development environment for Objective-C to help develop applications for Mac, iPhone and iPad. Named one of the “Top 10 Mac and iOS App Development Tools”. AppCode is a product that JetBrains uses to replace Xcode, a tool to improve the efficiency of Cocoa coding.


RubyMine is an IDE for Ruby and Rails developers. It comes with all the necessary features for developers and is tightly integrated into a convenient development environment, claiming to be the smartest IDE for Ruby and Rails, which can greatly increase the development efficiency of Ruby and Rails developers. RubyMine is a powerful Ruby on Rails integrated development tool for Mac. Developed by the well-known JetBrains, it adds Gems Management, better debugger, TypeScript 1.6, Angular 2, etc. It supports Ruby 2.1, Rails 4.1 & 4.2, Sinatra, RubyMotion, AngularJS and other frameworks, supports Puppet, Chef and other technologies, and is the preferred Ruby development tool for Mac.


PyCharm is a Python IDE that comes with a set of tools that can help users improve their productivity when developing in the Python language, such as debugging, syntax highlighting, Project management, code skipping, smart hints, autocompletion, unit testing, and version control. In addition, the IDE provides some advanced features for supporting professional web development in the Django framework. PyCharm is a Python IDE built by JetBrains, the same company that created the VS2010 refactoring plugin Resharper. With support for Google App Engine, PyCharm supports IronPython, and these features, supported by advanced code analysis programs, make PyCharm a powerful tool for professional Python developers and those just starting out. First, PyCharm is used for features normally found in IDEs, such as debugging, syntax highlighting, project management, code skipping, smart hints, autocompletion, unit testing, version control, and more. In addition, PyCharm also provides some great features for Django development, as well as support for Google App Engine, and even cooler, PyCharm supports IronPython.


DataGrip supports almost all major relational database products, such as DB2, Derby, H2, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Sqllite and Sybase, and provides an easy-to-use interface that developers will have little difficulty in getting started. DataGrip is a multi-engine database environment released by JetBrains that supports MySQL and PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle, Sybase, DB2, SQLite, as well as HyperSQL, Apache Derby and H2. DataGrip supports CSV file import, JSON and XML text support, regular expression checking, dynamic SQL support , table completion, keyboard layout completion, etc. It is an indispensable database tool for Mac, Windows and Linux platforms.

Provides access to mainstream database management systems
Heavyweights in the market: Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 and Sybase
Popular products in the community: MySQL, PostgreSQL
Niche products: SQLite, Apache Derby, HyperSQL and H2

Modify database objects and automatically generate scripts
DataGrip provides a UI to perform operations such as creating/modifying tables, managing columns, keys and indexes. DataGrip provides context-aware code completion features to help you write SQL code faster. Code completion is aware of table structures, foreign keys, and even database objects created in the code being edited. dataGrip can detect potential bugs in your code and instantly provide suggestions for the best fixes. It immediately lets you know about objects that cannot be parsed and always provides suggestions for fixing the problem.

Write SQL efficiently and eliminate duplicate coding efforts
With DataGrip, you can write code faster with code completion features. Simply enter the name of a database object, identifier, or variable, and DataGrip will provide a list of matches. Generate common parts of the statement, you can use default values or create new ones.

Navigate between codes and rename as you type
DataGrip can parse out object references in SQL files. If variables or aliases are renamed, all places where they are used will be renamed accordingly. If database objects are renamed in SQL, they will be renamed in the actual database. dataGrip can correctly resolve all references in the SQL code and help you refactor it.

The IDE will show the use of objects (tables, columns, etc.) and will also show the variables in a dedicated view. Navigation tools help you to select objects in various contexts such as editors, schema views, etc.

Work with data and explore relationships
You can add, delete, and clone rows of data through the powerful table editor. Filtering text fields allows you to view only the desired data without writing WHERE clauses. Another way to find the desired data is to use text search. Text search is a very useful feature if you don’t know which column contains the data you’re looking for. Regular expressions can be used in the text search. Navigating through foreign key data allows you to go to the data referenced by the current row, and vice versa.

Analyze queries and compare results
You can choose what you want DataGrip to do when you click the Execute button – execute a subquery, execute an external query, or execute the entire script. Want to execute only a specific portion of the code? Simply select it and execute it. dataGrip also provides execution plans with result sets similar to the table editor, containing the same options such as adding/removing rows, text search and data navigation, etc. The two result sets can be compared in the diff viewer.


JetBrains Rider is a C# editor that works on multiple platforms. With an unparalleled 2500+ intelligent code checks and refactorings, Rider enhances your C# experience so you can write zero-error code more quickly.


GoLand is a GO language integrated development tool environment launched by JetBrains, based on IntelliJ platform, supports JetBrains plug-in system, with code helper, code editor, code debugging and other tools for GO language.

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