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ASUS Power4Gear Hybrid Does not Working, How can I uninstall it on Computer?

--Power4Gear Hybrid Hotkey not working.

"The hotkey that changes power4gear hybrid stopped working, I can also use FN+SPACE BAR but it doesn't work either. Then tried to reinstall ATK and Power4geat Hybrid but no success. How can I uninstall Power4Gear Hybrid? Please help me!!"

--What bloatware can I uninstall from my brand spanking new laptop?

"Hi, finally got my new ASUS N550JK CM351H, and I'm wondering what my first steps should be! I think I should probably be uninstalling all the crappy bloatware, so I downloaded decrapifier, but I can't work out what's essential and what isn't essential.

Here is a list of the apps/programs:


ASUS Power4Gear Hybrid.jpg

ASUS Power4Gear Hybrid doesn’t work anymore on computer and try to reinstall it but it won’t help? Want to find a way to safely remove ASUS Power4Gear Hybrid, don’t worry, I have a best idea to completely & safely uninstall ASUS Power4Gear Hybrid from PC.

Many people have these problems when uninstall ASUS Power4Gear Hybrid:

  • /ASUS Power4Gear Hybrid is not listed in Programs and Features.
  • /You do not have sufficient access to uninstall ASUS Power4Gear Hybrid.
  • /A file required for this uninstallation to complete could not be run.
  • /An error has occurred. Not all of the files were successfully uninstalled.
  • /Another process that is using the file stops ASUS Power4Gear Hybrid being uninstalled.
  • /Files and folders of ASUS Power4Gear Hybrid can be found in the hard disk after the uninstallation

Why it always fail by Programs and Features?

Many people say they have tried on the manual approach to remove ASUS Power4Gear Hybrid, let’s check out which step occurs the trouble.

1. Make sure you have logged in the Save Mode of the computer.

2. Log in your computer system as administrator.

3. Shut down everything related ASUS Power4Gear Hybrid before uninstalling it.

4. Negative the Control Panel to remove ASUS Power4Gear Hybrid.

5. Negative the Registry Editor to delete leftover registry value.

6. Delete the hidden files and folders of ASUS Power4Gear Hybrid in File Explorer.

The most difficult part:

Negative the Registry Editor to delete leftover registry value:

  • /Click Start and Run
  • /Type in regedit in the dialog and click OK
  • /Find and delete registry entries of the program, such as:



  • /Put the key word ASUS Power4Gear Hybrid on the search box to begin the searching, once it has showed out, delete it.


Delete the hidden files and folders:

  • /First you need to show all hidden files in your computer: Click on the Start, choose the Control Panel, and double click Folder Options, select “Show Hidden Files and Folders”, then locate the blew folders and delete them directly.
  • /Open My Computer and select Folder Options.
  • /Find and delete files of the program, such as:

C:\Program Files\ASUS Power4Gear Hybrid C:\Documents and Settings\user name\Application Data\ASUS Power4Gear C:\Document and Settings\All Users\Application Data\ASUS Power4Gear Hybrid

Note: Do not miss any of them or delete any one wrong of them, or it will cause damage to your computer.

However, there is a much easier way to safely remove ASUS Power4Gear Hybrid, if you don’t know about it, try it now:

1. Download Bloatware remover here and start the installation.

2. Run the removal tool, and select the ASUS Power4Gear Hybrid program icon, click on Run Analysis button to conduct the regular removal.

Step 1.png

3. Next, after the analyzing, click Complete Uninstall button to begin ASUS Power4Gear removal. Click on Scan leftover button, and click on Delete to clean out all files/folders/registry entires supposed to be gone. Click on OK to finish the cleaning.

For more details to successfully remove ASUS Power4Gear Hybrid, read this page carefully:

How Can I Remove ASUS Power4Gear Hybrid Application Safely?

Alphabet Reports the Third-Quarter Revenue of $33.7 bn, Net Profit Increased by 37%

Google parent Alphabet Inc (GOOGL.O) on Thursday missed analysts’ quarterly revenue estimates for the first time in at least two years and reported continuing erosion of its operating margin, sending shares down almost 7 percent after hours.

Here are the most important numbers:

Earnings per share: $13.06 versus $10.42 expected by a Refinitiv consensus estimate

Revenue: $33.7 billion versus $34.04 billion expected by a Refinitiv consensus estimate


Analysts were expecting the company to report third-quarter earnings of $10.41 per share on revenue of $34.04 billion. Following the earnings report, shares hit the skids in late trade as investors digested the earnings.

Advertising continues to be Alphabet's biggest cash cow, with ad revenues on Google platforms accounting for about 70% of net revenue in recent years, growing about 20% annually. In the third quarter, Google's advertising revenue totaled $28.95 billion, with Alphabet and Google CFO Ruth Porat noting in the earnings report that momentum was "led by mobile search and our many products that help billions of people every day."

Its "other revenues" category, which includes its cloud business and hardware sales and is especially important to investors looking for Google's future beyond ads, hit $4.64 billion, up 29 percent year-over-year. That's a less dramatic acceleration than last quarter's 37 percent increase.

CEO Sundar Pichai said on the earnings call that its cloud business has had "many important wins" recently, but he didn't provide any new revenue numbers to build on the $1 billion in revenue per quarter he announced in Q4 2017. Overall, Google cloud's market share is seen to be a distant third behind Amazon and Microsoft's. Pichai also said that he thinks companies will want a "multi-cloud" environment, and that the space isn't a "zero-sum game."

"It's difficult to predict how the licensing model will be adopted," he said.

On Google's China business, including a controversial plan for a censored Google search engine for the China market, Pichai stayed mostly mum on specifics but said that "we are constantly looking for ways we can better serve Chinese users." While the large Chinese market presents a potentially sizable opportunity for Alphabet to expand Google's search and advertising business, it's also a challenging market given the well-developed competitive field for search.

A Simple Way to Uninstall Symantec Norton AntiVirus Basic from Computer

Keep having problems on the Symantec Norton AntiVirus Basic removal? Want to find a much easier or simple method to remove Symantec Norton AntiVirus Basic? It is a really easy &simple way to help you now, just keep reading on.

Most people have trouble in the steps to remove Symantec Norton AntiVirus Basic, now follow the basic steps to remove it.

2017-10-19 13-16-13.png

1. Reboot computer to Safe Mode

Before doing anything to your computer, you’d better restart your computer to boot into Safe Mode and use the Administrator account to run the system just make sure the safety of your device during the removal, if you don’t know how to reboot it into Safe Mode with Window 7/8/8.1/10, then read this Support Blog from Microsoft.

2. End the running software

In this part, it will not as hard as the above, usually you can end task from the hidden icon or in the Task Manager

3. Uninstall Symantec Norton AntiVirus Basic from Programs and Features

  • /launch Programs and Features window by from the menu bar as you see;
  • /Next select target Symantec Norton AntiVirus Basic icon;
  • /Choose the Uninstall /Change or right click choose Uninstall;
  • /Allow the uninstall process to run by clicking “Yes“;
  • /Norton will initialize the uninstaller;
  • /On the next screen select “Please remove all user data“;
  • /Until the removal finished then reboot.


4. Eliminate registry entries from Registry Editor window

  • /In Windows XP, click on the Start button and then click Run;
  • /In Windows 7/8/8.1 or Windows Vista, click on Start;
  • /In Windows 10, near Start button in the search box;
  • /In the search box or Run window, type the “Regedit”, hit OK
  • /Press the shortcuts of Ctrl + F to open the search box;
  • /Type the program name “Symantec /Norton / Norton AntiVirus Basic” in the box;
  • /Delete the target file once it has been searched out;
  • /Repeat the same steps in Searching and Deleting registry files in all FIVE folders;
  • /Finished when the dialog popup saying “Finishing searching”;
  • /Reboot your computer to confirm removal.

WARNING: It is strongly recommend that you back up the registry before making any changes. Incorrect changes to the registry could result in permanent data loss or damaged files. Make sure that you modify only the keys specified.

5. Back up registry you start to uninstall software from Windows.

  • /Read the document. How to back up the Windows registry and How to use the Windows Registry editor before proceeding.

6. Remove Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition client from the hard drive

  • /Open the Windows Explorer.
  • /Navigate to the C:\Program Files\Symantec_Client_Security folder.
  • /Right-click the Symantec AntiVirus folder, and then click Delete.

But, if there is an auto PC remover, that solves this problem in one time with just a few clicks?

Don’t believe things could be so easy? Then have a look on this new PC remover—Bloatware Uninstaller.

1. After successful installation and register of Bloatware Uninstaller on PC

2. Detailed steps to uninstall Symantec Norton AntiVirus Basic:

  • /Select Symantec Norton AntiVirus Basic and easily click Run Analysis >> Easily click the button Complete Uninstall, wait till running the uninstall process >> Click Delete Leftovers and finished removal.

Step 1 norton.png

Want to know more about removing Symantec Norton AntiVirus Basic? Hit this useful blog for help; and for more antivirus removal on PC, then go to tutorial blogs. More removal guides are waiting updating…

Microsoft has canceled the Patch for Spectre V2 due to the reason of system instability

Latest report from Microsoft, saying it had already cancel the microcode patch for Spectre V2 in response to Intel's recommendations over the weekend. The reason why to cancel the patch that was already used, according to the report, it was about the Spectre V2 Patch said to be unstable perform to the computer.


You should know what is Meltdown and Spectre in the beginning to learn more details from MeltdownAttack:

<quote>"Meltdown and Spectre exploit critical vulnerabilities in modern processors. These hardware vulnerabilities allow programs to steal data which is currently processed on the computer. While programs are typically not permitted to read data from other programs, a malicious program can exploit Meltdown and Spectre to get hold of secrets stored in the memory of other running programs. This might include your passwords stored in a password manager or browser, your personal photos, emails, instant messages and even business-critical documents.

Meltdown and Spectre work on personal computers, mobile devices, and in the cloud. Depending on the cloud provider's infrastructure, it might be possible to steal data from other customers."</quote>

More details in this story.

In responding to Spectre flaw, therefore, Intel had released the Spectre V2 microcode patch, unfortunately, which leaded system instability in many devices. Then, Intel had recall the Spectre V2 patch for fix, but the patch of course had already entered Microsoft's system update.

Microsoft had written that, “Our own experience shows that in some cases system instability can lead to data loss or destruction.”

Follow that, Microsoft canceled the Spectre V2 patch in the KB4078130 system update released immediately, the Company said, it was this patch that causes instability in the system.

The KB4078130 system update include Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1 and all versions of Windows 10.

Now that Intel has been testing new processor microcode, and they believe they have found the cause of system instability.

How to Uninstall Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 Products

“How can you guise uninstall Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 series pruducts in macOS and Mac OS X in a short time? Mac Premium Bundle X9 includes many applications in my computer, once I wanted to delete them, but it’s quite hard to eliminate them in one time. Please help me completely get rid of them, thanks!!”

This user have problem when uninstall Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 products, why it is so hard to delete them all in one time? That’s because too many applications about 5 apps included in Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9

Providing complete Mac protection and security, Mac Premium Bundle X9 is an antivirus software on Mac OS X. once downloaded &installed Mac Premium Bundle X9, you will get couple of applications related to Premium Bundle X9. Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 Includes:

  • VirusBarrier X9
  • NetBarrier X9
  • Mac Washing Machine X9
  • ContentBarrier X9
  • Personal Backup 10.9


How to remove them in Manual?

Want to uninstall them, users can choose Mac Trash to drag them in to Trash in Application like this:

  • Click the Finder icon on Dock and click Application
  • Find and Intego folder in the interface;
  • Drag it straightly into Trash;


When Intego folder dragged into Trash, it means all five component apps’icon includes VirusBarrier X9, NetBarrier X9, Mac Washing Machine X9, ContentBarrier X9 and Personal Backup 10.9 were dragged into Trash, but it does’t mean their leftovers and remaining files are gone at the seamtime.

Even though you use the Intego uninstall software to remove Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9, that you must clean up the leftovers in Library folder in macOS.


  • Click “Go” menu at the top of the screen and select “Go to Folder”;
  • Type “~Library” in the box to launch library interface;
  • Open “Preferences” folder and then find the related files of Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9/Intego;
  • Remove all files you find out in this folder to the Trash directly;


  • Turn back to “Library” folder, repeat the seam steps in “Caches” folder;
  • Application Support” folder;
  • Clean up the caches of Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9;
  • Delete the supported files associated with the application;
  • Once it finished, Empty the Trash and restart your Mac let the changes take effect.

However, are you sure you want to find the files in these folders to completely clean up the remaining traces of Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 products:

  • /Library
  • /Library/C
  • /Library/Save Stated Support
  • /Library/Application Support
  • /Library/Preferences
  • /Library/LaunchAgents
  • /Library/LaunchDaemons
  • /Library/PreferencePanes
  • /Library/StartupItems

Saved application state.png

How to Uninstall them Fast?

If you can’t, try this new tool to clean up and delete the leftovers for you now.

1. Osx Uninstaller is great in macOS installed application, when you can see the full list of Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 products showing in the interface of Step 1:

2. All you have to do is to select the specific one as the target to negative the removal:

3. Follow the instruction of this tool in the interface guidance to remove Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 products step by step:

Step 1.png

4. It will take 30 seconds to uninstall an Intego software, and 150 seconds in total will be bring a clean environment without anything left behind Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 in your device. Which one is you prefer? Read more details to fully uninstall Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 products in this useful story.

Google Completely Removes Application Module in Chrome: Total Outage in 2018

Although it has been a while since Google has announced to eliminate the Chrome Application, and some applications that convert into plug-ins in the past, Google did not seem to have acted accordingly substantially. On Wednesday, the Company suddenly took action to remove all Applications in Chrome.


As the matter of fact, Google had announced a year ago, that browsers of Windows, Mac, Chrome for Linux would not use Applications, but these apps would still be compatible with Chrome OS. But now, the Company had been removing the Application Module completely &thoroughly from Chrome Web Store.

The Application and Game Module in Chrome were disappeared at them same time, but you can still find them in Chrome OS. Google had said in the past, why to make this decision was because nearly no one used theses apps.

But Chrome plug-ins will apparently continue to exist for the foreseeable future, Google says. The Company has sent e-mail to developers to tell them the change, the company will also remove apps from Chrome in the first quarter of 2018.

Moreover, Google is working to add a new app—Progressive Web AppsPWA) into Chrome, which was tested before. This mode can be used in the Chrome for Android, and other browsers.

All in all, PWA provides the same function as Application did, the App Icon can ever provides notifications and offline capabilities. According to the report, Google plans to start making PWA compatible with the desktop by mid-2018.

How Should Uninstall HaloMD from macOS Faster?

This tutorial is about how could you uninstall HaloMD faster and safer from Mac OS X, which provides you a specific instruction and detailed screenshots, if you have trouble with removing HaloMD for Mac, then just keep on reading.

HaloMD doesn't include the full campaign by default (only one level); you must own all the campaign maps in order to witness the full experience. (This means you need to have a copy of Halo on your computer.)


Next follow the removal guides to uninstall HaloMD step by step from your computer without worry.

Usually, people would like remove HaloMD or other needless app on Mac with all manual method, you could also try this way if you like.

Remove HaloMD from macOS by Trash (manual method)

The drag-and-drop is not far away from people’s life, it’s easy to use:

  • Click the Finder icon in the Dock and open a Finder window
  • Click Application on the left panel;
  • Select HaloMD icon then drag it straightly into Trash;
  • Or right-click it and choose “Move to Trash”;
  • Empty the Trash.

Important to eliminate all leftovers

But you should not miss the important step in HaloMD uninstallation—delete all relevant files and folders belonging to HaloMD.

  • Open “Finder
  • Go to Menu Bar, and select Go > Go to Folder…
  • Type “~Library” in the box to get into the library interface.
  • Next search the files in the name of HaloMD/ Halo in the most usual folders like Application Support, Caches and Preference


Application support.png

  • Once they showed right-click to delete all of them

However, except the three most usual folders above, you might find it in:

  • /Library/C
  • /Library/SavedApplicationStates
  • /Library/LaunchAgents
  • /Library/LaunchDaemons
  • /Library/PreferencePanes
  • /Library/StartupItems

Saved app states.png

Uninstall HaloMD with Built-in Uninstaller (manual method)

In most case, there is a default uninstaller contained in app itself when it was downloaded and installed on your computer, all you do is to find it out and use it to perform your request.

  • Launch “Finder” and the enter “HaloMD “to search out the package.
  • Double click on the .dmg file and you will be see the uninstall program there. Double click on “Uninstall” to launch it.
  • You will receive message asking you to open the uninstall application.
  • Enter your administrator account password to confirm your operation.

Don’t forget to eliminate all leftovers of HaloMD, turn back and repeat the same steps in “Important to eliminate all leftovers”.

But be care careful enough, most people have problems in manual methods like I list above, if you do something wrong during removal, some troubles may bother you in the later using of your computer like:

  • HaloMD cannot be moved to the Trash as it is in use;
  • HaloMD is corrupted and cannot be uninstalled please reinstall it again;
  • HaloMD components remain on hard drive and seen again and again

Faster uninstall HaloMD from macOS

If the Trash and Build-in uninstaller won’t solve your trouble, then try a much faster method to fully uninstall HaloMD from macOS for now by the particular steps bellow:

Download Osx Uninstaller from here and register successfully on your Mac.

1. Run Analyze on the target.

Run the uninstaller, and select the HaloMD icon in the interface then click button Run Analyze;


2. Complete Uninstall HaloMD for Mac

Easily click on button Complete Uninstall to conduct the regular removal. Then click Yes to delete all leftovers scanned;

3. Successfully removed

Congratulations now, HaloMD has been successfully removed from your Mac in a short time with nothing left behind.

Learn more detailed process in this story to completely uninstall HaloMD, for more information, visit for more tutorials to uninstall unwanted applications such as Anti-virus, Games, Player and Browsers etc.

T-Mobile and the Sprint Terminated Merger after Months of Talks


Sprint and T-Mobile's have abandoned discussions about a potential merger.

Sprint and T-Mobile have announced together on Saturday that they called off merger talks to create a stronger U.S. wireless company to rival market leaders.

Cannot find mutually acceptable terms, the two Companies have ended merger talks, and both companies say independent development is a better option than the potential benefits of a merge

T-Mobile is the third largest mobile operator in the United States, and Sprint is coming after T-Mobile. Not long ago, the media reports said the two sides are likely to conclude a merger agreement in the near future. While inter gradation might need years, but both sides can spectrum resource integration, network infrastructure and improve coverage, which helps being more competitive with stronger peer Verizon Wireless and AT&T.

The two carriers have been huddled for weeks, but reports suggested talks hit several hurdles. In what was seen as a last-ditch bid to salvage a merger, both sides came together this weekend.

"The prospect of combining with Sprint has been compelling for a variety of reasons, including the potential to create significant benefits for consumers and value for shareholders," said John Legere, President and CEO of T-Mobile U.S., in a statement. Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure said that even though the companies could not reach a deal, “we certainly recognize the benefits of scale through a potential combination.”

The two companies came close to announcing a merger once in 2014, but called it off at the last minute due to regulatory concerns.

“This is good news for consumers - a potential merger by T-Mobile and Sprint could have raised serious antitrust issues,” Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota said in a statement.

No time play with your Kids? Try Kid Pix Deluxe 3D Now

515felE2DBL. SX466 .jpg

Are you too busy at work that barely having time company with kids? Or you are just looking for good software on Mac to build good relationship with your kids of play-and-learn, anyway, Kid Pix Deluxe 3D I think is a good choose for you and your kids to install and use.

About Kid Pix Deluxe 3D

Kid Pix, Originally created by Craig Hickman, which was aimed at providing tool for children, it was first released for the Macintosh in 1989 and subsequently published in 1991 by Brøderbund. Kid Pix Deluxe 3X was born in 2004 by Software MacKiev, Kid Pix Deluxe 3D which we have seen is a major upgrade with the system Mac OS X Edition 2.0 released in 2010. With path animation, 3D characters, movie backgrounds, and video narration, Kid Pix Deluxe 3D is a good playmate for kids.

As we can see, Kid Pix was created with the feature of drawing at first, but now it keeps improving and optimizing with a lot of new features, including drawing, painting, stamping and more activities for kids. Our kids nowadays have more options to do with computer but not only the games. Kid Pix 3D is not a game. It is has tools for drawing, painting, stamping and more. Every action is accompanied by a specific sound whether that is describing a dash of color or pressing a button.

Taking here, if you have problems to remove Kid Pix Deluxe 3D fully from Mac OS X, then hit this tutorial blog for professional help.


Have a look on its main Features:

  • Painting tools
  • Layered and filmed backgrounds
  • Pre-rendered character animations
  • Path animations
  • Flipbook
  • Anaglyph 3D effect (3D glasses included in full package)
  • Video narration

Basic Drawing Tools

We are going to have a very detailed look on basic drawing tools as bellow from Wikipedia:

  • Pencil Tool, the tool that draws free lines onto the picture. Six line thicknesses are provided.
  • Line Tool, used to create perfectly straight lines. Like the Pencil Tool, six line thicknesses are provided.
  • Paint Bucket, used to fill an area with a solid color or pattern.
  • Square Tool, used to create perfect square or rectangular shapes. By changing the line thickness in the line tool you could change the thickness of the square.
  • Circle Tool, similar to the Square Tool. It is used to create perfect circles, and the thickness can be changed using the line tool.

The most difference between Kid Pix and Kid Pix Deluxe 3D is about the title "3D”, which comes from the newly added 3D animations and backgrounds as high technology in today. Want to learn more detailed information about Kid Pix Deluxe 3D please goes to

Want to be the Apple Engineer, Can You Really Read This Employment?

A hidden website that hosts a job description and invitation occurred in Apple’s website, for which to apply an important position described a role that should be filled by a “talented engineer”, who will develop a critical infrastructure component for the company’s ecosystem.

The webpage was and now was gone. The posting stated how critical the role is, the scale of the work, key qualifications, and a description of the type of employee Apple is looking for. The previous content shows this component was involved with data of EB level, thousands of servers and multidisc. Apple hoped the interviewee was capable to design and arrange extensible applications and web services, also be acquainted with Java 8, modern server and distributed systems.


Although experienced engineers may be hard to find this page, its unusual location may also be partly to ensure that the high knowledge of the applicant.

Apple also declared this was truly an employment:

If you answered yes to some of the questions above, then we need you!

Get in touch by sending us your resume to blob-recruiting [at]

It is unclear when Apple had closed the page, or whether means they had recruited the right people for proper. Anyway, it did say to send e-mail to blob-recruiting [at] if you have interest and had met their requirement. At the moment it is unable to determine what is cloud service said by Apple, but considering to global apps, including iCloud, iTunes, App Store, Apple Music all have the possibility to achieve the EB level.

What will You Do to Get Rid of Sweet Home 3D for Mac

Uninstall Sweet Home 3D for Mac-.jpg

Sweet Home 3D for Mac is a sophisticated tool for creating your own interior designs on Mac, means that you can design you own house or shop only with a Mac, if you are able to design. Generally speaking, it will contain a lot of data and files in it, if you want to uninstall Sweet Home 3D for Mac someday, you’d better take care of it.

Uninstall Sweet Home 3D for Mac with Trash

I used to uninstall Sweet Home 3D for Mac by using Trash on my mac, I think there are a lot of people would do the same thing as me, because this is the most common way to remove things on Mac, and it is quite simple and easy to operation for users.

No matter drag it into trash or right click to choose Move to Trash on Mac is simple to do and saves our time, for we don’t have much time on computers, I’ve got my works to do everyday with my job. But when I found something still remained in my computer, I turn to ~/Library folder to find the traces of Sweet Home 3D for Mac.

Get Rid of its Leftovers

When I launch Finder, then go to the menu bar click GO, select Go to folder..., and type "~/library/" in the box, and the Library folder pop up as it said in the help of internet. I search the traces in the of Sweet Home 3D for Mac in the folders of /Library/Preferences and /Library/ Caches and /Library/ Application Support as it provided, then I delete them in the folders as it requests, it seems I have successfully remove it with all remains now.

What I Had Found Finally

Unluckily, I found its trace when after using my Mac somewhere, I was confused and frustrated by that—I had done all it said why I still fail? If I let them still, it might not be a big problem for my computer, but I can’t help to think what if every time I had uninstalled an unwanted app from my Mac, “it” still remained in some files? as time passes, many files will hide in somewhere I don’t know, at that time, it slowly must damage my computer somehow.

So I don’t think I can’t let things always be, so I kept ask for help on internet or social network. Until I found this removal tool that can easily get rid of all remains in unwanted app with couple of clicks, I finally know things could be so easy for me to remove as time Sweet Home 3D for Mac. so here’s the detail of how to get rid of Sweet Home 3D for Mac or you can use it in any app you want to remove on Mac OS X, hope you have a good luck!

A Proper Way Help You Remove Serato DJ 1.7 on macOS

Serato DJ 1.7.jpg

When people have failed in removing unwanted application on Mac, do you know the correct method to uninstall Serato DJ 1.7 on macOS? If you don’t, then ask for help through internet might be a good way.

What is Serato DJ 1.7

Serato DJ 1.7 includes two important bug fixes to continue the unparalleled level of stability and performance that Serato software is renowned for Unable to rename session names in History panel, and sampler Pad mode not working when switching from Hot Cues with Pioneer DDJ-SZ

How does the Auto Approach Work?

In this article, we will introduce a proper way that can help you remove Serato DJ 1.7 on macOS with ease, instead of using Trash and folder ~/Library to uninstall Serato DJ 1.7 but totally automatic steps to help you get rid of annoying unwanted app.

Step 1. Run Mac Remover, select Serato DJ 1.7 in the list of installed applications, then click the “Run Analysis” button.

Step 2. After the analysis, click “Complete Uninstall” to perfectly remove Serato DJ 1.7. Then click Yes to confirm your removal.

Step 3. Removal is done now, you can find any traces in your computer anymore.


Unlike in manual way to uninstall things, the third-party will help you as you wish—you don’t need to operate one by one, more importantly, you needn’t to delete the associated files and folders step by step, it will certainly save your time and do the right thing for you, thus, you don’t have to worry about making mistakes during the removal that will lead to a damage to your computer, because all of these are done in auto. Therefore, you could totally put your hear down.

How You Exactly Delete AVG AntiVirus for Mac


In this page we will focus on how Mac users usually do to remove the AVG AntiVirus for Mac, for users of Mac, you can choose one of better solution to delete unwanted application evermore.

What is AntiVirus for Mac?

You’d better have a little understanding of AVG AntiVirus on your Mac before uninstalling, or at least you should have known what it is about: AVG AntiVirus for Mac is an antimalware security suite that includes an active file and email scanner, plus web browsing protection. So now you know that there are plenty of files and components exist in the application.

First to Quit AVG AntiVirus for Mac

Now look at how people usually do when they uninstall AVG AntiVirus for Mac:

No matter what you want to remove, you must quit the application on Mac first in order to completely delete AVG AntiVirus successfully, try this way to quite AVG AntiVirus

(1) right click on its icon on the Dock, and then choose the Quit option; (2) open up the app, and choose Quit from the Apple menu on the left top; (3) launch Activity Monitor, type the app’s name in the search box, select its process(es) in the Disk tab, click the “X” button on the upper left corner, and click Quite/Force Quite button in the pop-up dialog.

How the manual approach delete unwanted app

After turn off of AVG AntiVirus, now you can have you uninstallation.

Usually users use the trash to delete one app they don’t need:

Drag the AVG AntiVirus icon in Doc straightly to trash, just in one sec you can find the app in your desktop at nowhere.

Or some of users choose Finder to remove things as they know. That is, Open the Finder>> click on Application >>Locate AVG AntiVirus>> drag its icon to the Trash in the Dock>>or Right click the Trash icon. Don’t forget to Empty Trash: right click the Trash icon to have you completely cleaning.

I guess most people will think it’s quite easy and save time of using manual method to uninstall app on Mac, less people would know there are still a lot of leftovers and components remains in your system until they appear on your face. In fact, the manual approach can only the application itself, but the files created in AVG AntiVirus are save in different folders, which it’s hard to delete all of them wholly.

Advise: Most users have used the removal tool to help, for better removal, click here now.

A Violent Removal Happened to United Airline:Latest Developments

This week in a plant of United Airline, before a flight from Chicago to Louisville, Kentucky, four passengers were asked to give up their seats to make room for United staffers. When the airline asked for volunteers and offered $800 in incentives, nobody would leave the plane. That’s when passengers were chosen at random. Three left without protest, but one man refused and became “belligerent,” according to the airline. The fourth passenger, David Dao, a doctor from Elizabethtown, Kentucky, was pulled from his seat and taken off the plane.

Dragged Dr..png

Comments Boomed Around the World

This news is apparently giving a shock to the whole world, now the comments are all around in the social network, which is like an explosion of atomic bomb in the air of United States. By early afternoon on Tuesday, the topic had attracted 85 million readers on Sina Weibo, China’s version of Twitter, and 56,000 comments, making it comfortably the top trending item of the day. Petitions to boycott United Airlines were also going viral on WeChat, a popular messaging service. No matter to say millions of comments in Twitter and Facebook.

“United Airlines just randomly chose an Asian? It’s blatant racial discrimination,” a user called @Rhando_hiclarie wrote in a typical post. “UA is super rubbish.”

“I am going to tell you a joke: ‘America is the country with the best human rights in the World,’” one user called @Youthliteratureandart wrote in a post that attracted more than 4,000 likes.

“Americans often say they have democracy and human rights, but they can’t even respect people who have different skin colors,” @Nanchigirl wrote. Now look at those people how to fly in United Airline, you may want to laugh when seeing these pictures!

Custeomers flying now.jpg

Does the Apology from United Airline late?

On Tuesday, a petition signed by more than 20,000 people called for United CEO Oscar Munoz to resign.

“The situation was unfortunately compounded when one of the passengers we politely asked to deplane refused and it became necessary to contact Chicago aviation security officers to help,” Munoz wrote in the letter. “Our employees followed established procedures for dealing with situations like this. While I deeply regret this situation arose, I also emphatically stand behind all of you, and I want to commend you for continuing to go above and beyond to ensure we fly right.”

But now he has to apologize for the second time after apparently the audiences are not satisfied with the first time. This time he promised a “thorough review” of the situation and the airline policies will be conducted. Results of the review are expected to be shared before April 30.

“The truly horrific event that occurred on this flight has elicited many responses from all of us: outrage, anger, disappointment,” Munoz said He continued, “I want you to know that we take full responsibility and we will work to make it right.”

No matter what, now the President Trump is blamed by people for he should be responsible for the actions of a United Airlines decision and the actions of a Chicago, since the President had read this forcibly dragged.

Now more people seem to care more about this question: Will you fly United after the dragged passenger incident?

Uninstall MegaBackup Tips and Methods for Common Users


Eager to find a way to uninstall MegaBackup? Had tried many ways to delete it but the results were all failed? You may need to know more about this app removal and then try again to get rid of it on your PC.

MegaBackup is a backup utility available for Windows operating system, it can help people to back up the user's files, documents, musics and other subjects automatically and periodically, and all of the backup files are saved in the user's MEGA.CO.NZ account with a zip format, so that people can restore them any anytime in different computers. While people need to remove it for some reasons, such as the requirement for re-installing the program or don't want to use it, the program might not be uninstalled smoothly or completely in some people's computers. So, how to deal with the issue when the program removal failed on the PC? And is there any way can avoid the removing problem and make the app removal to be much easier and complete? Please check the following details about the app removal instructions.

Before removal

Before start to uninstall MegaBackup on the computer, please make sure the program has been stopped running at the background, or you will not be allowed to remove it on your PC.

While removing

No matter which way you finally choose to apply the removal, please make sure you take the proper steps with the instructions to perform a standard removal for the program, any improper step during the removal would cause the program cannot be removed, and you will also receive some other error issues.

After removal

Program removal on the Windows based computer usually leave a leftover issue, especially when you take the Windows uninstall feature to uninstall MegaBackup. In this case, you should do a check for your computer system, especially those associated folders of MegaBackup, and make sure all the related files are deleted thoroughly, otherwise, you will need to erase them manually on the PC, but finding the associated leftovers on the computer is usually a big problem for many common users.

After getting know about the things you should pay attention when conducting the MegaBackup removal, the next important thing must be selecting a good way to uninstall MegaBackup, an effective removal of the program can avoid many troubles and potential errors and enable you to finish the removal very quickly.

For more available ways to uninstall MegaBackup, you can go to see this post: PC Uninstallpro - Uninstall Mega Backup.

Will Snow be the Next Star Product of Line Parent Company?


Snow is an application of image and video social networking that attracts great attentions from young users. It was released in last September and has been downloading for over 40 million times as its sweet or funny expressions.

There are also a great amount of stars using Snow to edit their photos or videos. They obtained likes from fans or friends.

The unique feature of Snow is the motion capture technology. It could recognize and overlay dynamic effects for faces in real time. Users don't have to make too many expressions as its dynamic effect let the photos and video film more funny.

App Annie reported that Snow has become one of the most popular app among photo/ video applications of App Store China. It ranked top 5 in photography and video free apps of App Store. Snow got over 1.3 million like on Facebook web-page.

Snow is customized for Asian users. It offers users all kinds of filters and add funny emotions or make faceswipe with friends.

Snow is made by a subsidiary of Naver, CampMobile Corporation. Naver is the owner of Line whose headquarter locates in Japan.

Line is mainly introduced in Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia. It obtains 675 million registered users now, with 218 million monthly active users.

Naver expressed it would split Snow as an independent company last month. Naver places its hope to Snow to copy the success of Line. CEO Kim Sang-hun claimed it would add more channels for Snow and cooperated with medium companies in the future.

Snow is criticized as a copy of Snapchat. Its functions and interface are similar with Snapchat's.

Snow spokesman admitted their similarities. Its major user group is also for teenagers. However, he stressed that Snow has video chat feature.

RSS App Paper will be closed by Facebook by the end of July

Paper app.jpg

Facebook becomes the giant of social networking platforms. It has developed many mobile applications, however only a few of apps were successful. Some are getting more and more popular and some are developing worse.

It is reported that Facebook disabled another mobile app RSS Paper. Paper was released in 2014, whose user interface and functions referred to Flipboard's. It did not attract many users last two years, therefore Facebook announced to disable Paper by the end of July.

It showed signs of closing this app. The development team of Paper was dismissed by Facebook last year. It seemed that the poor users growth contributed to its death. It was only released with an iOS version till now. In the meantime, Facebook announced that some amazing functions will be integrated into Facebook's other apps.

It is worth noting that Facebook also announced to shut up Notify early in June. This app only lasted for half of a year. Obviously, Facebook encountered internal management problem concerning mobile products development.

The disabilities of these two Apps did not mean the failure of Facebook in RSS app field. Its another RSS app "Instant Articles" made a great achievement as users found it unnecessary that they exited Facebook to read the news.

The operation mode of Apple News referred to Instant Articles after the latter made a hit.

The leading position of Facebook among social netowrking platforms referred itself to two famous acquisitions: WhatsApp's and Instagram's. WhatsApp obtained more than 1 billion users, while the latter becomes the biggest wordwide server in this field.

Facebook launched a great amount of apps, but few of them were succeeded.

How can uninstall VMware Fusion for Mac effectively

VMware Fusion for mac.jpg

For many people who need to use the Max OS X and Windows operating system at the same time, VMware Fusion may be a very helpful and powerful tool for them, because this application enables the Mac user to run Windows and OS X applications side by side on the Mac. However, many people have a common problem to uninstall this program on their machines, so maybe you are interested in this post which is about how to uninstall VMware Fusion for Mac.

What make people failed to remove this application on the Mac? It could be due to many possible reasons for different situations in different computers. According to many people's experiences of being not able to uninstall VMware Fusion, they would encounter these problems during the removal:

Try to remove the program via dragging to the trash folder, but nothing happens on the Mac Removing process encounters an error and crash unexpectedly All of its traces and data cannot be removed completely on the computer

In order to fully uninstall VMware Fusion, it is important to take a proper way to conduct the removal on your computer.

Tips for the manual removal

If you ware confident with your computer knowledge and experiences, you can make use of the removing feature in Mac OS X to complete the VMware Fusion, and these are all the content you should clean well on your PC:

1. Program package (drag to the Trash) 2. Application supports file/folder 3. Caches 4. Preferences

To delete the associated Application supports file/folder, caches, and preferences on the Mac, you can open the library folder under your Mac account, and find the associated folders inside to conduct the removing job.

Tips for automated removal

As we all know that manual removal usually takes a long time and much efforts to achieve the complete removal, so many people would like to choose to uninstall VMware Fusion with a professional Mac removing utility, in this case, you just need to install a reliable uninstaller on your PC, and launch it, it will help you remove the program quickly and thoroughly.

Oculus has sold 1 million VR devices, mostly are Gear VR

Gear VR.jpg

It is reported that Oculus has sold one million VR devices, most of them belong to Gear VR.

Oculus stated on blog that it obtained one million Gear VR users last months. It is milestone in VR industry. These users are in Oculus e-co system which offers over 250 games and applications for their experience.

SuperData Research predicted that the revenue of VR industry will reach $ 40 billion by 2020. Some experts indicated that the VR technology won't receive a quick development in 2016 as it is at the beginning stage. With the acceptance of Gear VR devices and alike products, the VR industry might bring in some breakthrough software then.

To Samsung and Oculus, it is a good news. Gear VR is different from Oculus Rift, but it helps the advanced VR devices to attract more users and content.

If users own the Galaxy S7, they only need to spend additional $99 to purchase a Gear VR. In regards to display the potential of VR device, this mode of business helps users to save money. Oculus could also apply the similar mode of business to attract more users.

In the meanwhile, Gear VR enables developers to know well the VR technology and create VR content for ordinary users. In the near future, developers could transfer the content to VR platform on the basis of PC.

Oculus claimed that if content creators are unable to make profit, then VR technology has no chance to come into market. Oculus realized the importance of this issue and encourage users to learn its initial games via Oculus Store.

Many of users are learning more about Gear VR applications besides games. Among the top 10 applications, there are 7 related to 360°view applications.

Oculus plans to bring in more content such as Nomads, Discovery VR and Facebook 360 Photos. They will greatly improve the performance of VR device.

Docker's participation in the Open Container project has come full circle


The biggest news about Docker 1.11 isn't features in the app, yet that it uses component versions standardized under the aegis of the Open Container Project.

Docker donated the core of its runC runtime to the OCP as a basis for building container tools last year. The same went for containerd, a daemon or server used to control instances of runC. Docker 1.11 now uses the donated and publicly worked-on versions of those projects.

Docker is making this move to challenge the narrative that its container ecosystem is still dictated chiefly by Docker itself. It isn't donating its container specs and runtime details to the OCP merely for show; it wants the future development of the project to be as open-ended and inclusive as possible.

Two chief committers on runC are Docker employees, but committers from Virtuozzo (of Parallels fame), Red Hat's OpenShift and Project Atomic projects, Huawei, GE Healthcare, and Suse Linux have all been regulars as well.

The more visible changes in Docker 1.11 reflect this. Previously, the Docker runtime was the only one available within Docker, and critics felt this limited users' choices. The runc runtime is now swappable; while Docker ships with runc as the default engine, any other compatible engine can be swapped in. (Docker also wants it to be possible to do this without having to kill and restart currently running containers, but that's an improvement scheduled for later.)

Docker is making a case for this OCP-based development process as an inherently better method to create its product. "Splitting Docker up into focused independent tools means more focused maintainers, and ultimately better quality software," stated Docker in its official blog post announcing 1.11.

Aside from fixing long-standing bugs and ensuring the runC/containerd version of Docker didn't slow down, Docker has rolled a slew of improvements into Docker 1.11. Docker Engine now supports VLANs and IPv6 service discovery, and it automatically performs DNS round-robin load balancing across multiple containers that have the same alias.

[How to Remove Apps on Mac OS X]

How to make the best of Two-factor authentication

First of all, the following brief introduction to the background of Two-factor authentication (aka, 2FA) will hugely help get you started with this proactive security guide. Meantime, the very first line of e-security could be a strong enough password. Learn more.

What's 2FA?

The term, 2FA, itself has provided you with the answer: an extra line of defense in effective risk even threat management. Generally, one just cannot continue with the log-in procedure without the additional "security code" from the target service he or she is using, such as, Google, and accounting. Why? Twitter, one of the top popular social media platforms, has been targeted by cyber criminals.

Then, what are the potential cons of it?

Sometimes, the total amount of time you need to wait matters the experience of using such an advanced level of safety. Additionally, please make sure that, your phone has enough signal strength ( * which is typically measured in dBm. ) and battery life,

Again, there ain't no such thing as a 100% safe & secure. Please be kindly educated that, some top hackers can still easily gain the access to the text message(s) you will receive, e.g., Hel*Spy... - DO NOT BE EVIL! Yet another threat, Account Recovery has become alive, according to Mat Honan's story. Review the longer information above.

To better protect your smartphone, your computer and/or other devices you're using, do the following:

  • Always scan the downloaded items you get from the web even some unknown websites.
  • Try testing the target item on a VMware Station if your system meets the system requirements.
  • Try performing the custom or clean installation process (mode) always - otherwise, please Google for safer or official download - this can effectively help avoid adware, junkware attacks. Here're some very typical case studies of foistware infection, such as Web Bar.
  • Perform regular security check thoroughly: scan your system or device in its safe mode in your spare time; rid of any other unused or unknown items in your system.

All in all, it will just take bit longer time to benefit from 2FA. Will you come and join it? It looks that LastPass Authenticator will also enhance your internet security. Give LastPass Authenticator a try for yourself, later.

Snapchat CEO: 8 billion short video film are watched per day

It reported the burn after reading app co-founder, CEO Evan Spiegel sent the message at the technical conference of Morgan Stanley on Monday:The company is to accelerate the developing of Snapchat to cater to the preference of young people.

He claimed at the conference that Snapchat users watch 8 billion short video films per day. Its video streaming traffic increased by 4 times than the last year. In addition, he stated about 100 million active users spend 25 to 30 minutes to watch video on Snapchat per day.

To attract more users for Snapchat, it launched the " Stories" feature. Its video traffic increased sharply after the introduction of Stories feature. Stories feature allows users to share the lifestyle videos which can be kept for 24 hours. Snapchat and Facebook apply the different mode of playing videos. Snapchat users have to click the videos to play while Facebook news feed display the videos automatically.

In May, 2015, the traffic of watching videos on Snapchat app per day was 2 billion times. By November, 2015, The Financial Times reported that its streaming traffic increased to 6 billion. In last November, Facebook also claimed its daily active users were 1 billion and watching 8 billion videos per day. Snapchat has about 100 million users. It was reported that Snapchat users watched 7 billion videos per day in January.

This was the first theme speech that Evan Spiegel made to its public investors. Snapchat's evaluation of last round financing reached $16 billion, Spiegel wished the bankers to learn more its potential increase from this speech. Before Snapchat proceed its initial IPO, it will enhance the performance of Advertising business.

Snapchat are popular among the smartphone addicts. About 41% of youth range from 18 to 34 years old prefer to use Snapchat.

Snapchat has a small advertising sales team run by standard rules to make sure the creation of vertical videos. Snapchat tries its best to let advertisers track advertising influence and buy ads with ease.

Nervana's cloud platform makes deep learning more widely available


Deep learning has usually been accessible to only the largest organizations, but that's starting to change. On Monday, an AI startup called Nervana launched a cloud offering for what it calls deep learning on demand.

[Nervana Cloud] is a hosted platform designed to give organizations of all sizes the ability to quickly build and deploy deep-learning tools without having to invest in infrastructure equipment or a large team of experts. Based on neon, Nervana’s open-source deep-learning framework, the full-stack offering is optimized to handle complex machine-learning problems at scale.

Nervana claims to be more than 10 times faster than any other cloud AI platform. The services allow scientists to quickly build, train and deploy deep-learning technologies for internal data. Potential applications include reducing credit card fraud, increasing the accuracy of medical diagnoses, building intelligent cars and efficient energy exploration.

"Deep-learning networks can take 10 to 20 weeks to train," Naveen Rao, cofounder and CEO at Nervana, said in an interview. "We want to bring it down to hours."

Nervana Cloud is available as a public cloud service or in a hybrid model. Current users are putting it to work to improve crop yields and to find more efficient ways to explore for oil.

It's a popular emerging area. Last month, Microsoft a toolkit on Github that it uses internally for deep learning, and Google has partnered with Movidius to bring machine intelligence to mobile devices.

California-based Nervana was founded in 2014 to make scalable AI more widely accessible. Among its 40 or so employees are 13 PhDs from universities including Harvard, Stanford, MIT and Caltech.

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Expert Ideas to Keep Your Internet Life Safer from Cyber Threats

Using some public or so-called "Free" Wi-Fi could ship potential risks to your privacy, your sensitive data and alike.


Chances are that you're sharing almost everything without permission. 2ndly, advanced bad guys could easily intrude some networks with weak password, or protction. Example is, the owner did not set up a strong password to the public even home-based Wi-Fi networks. While some hackers can easily access such a networks without WPA-PSK Key!

How (to then)?

Measure #1: Using a VPN service PRO that meets your needs.

Commonly, a professional VPN service allows you to transfer your communicate, some confidential data with high-quality encryption, extra features should include the following items:

  • unblock some Geo-restricted even blacklisted (by your own country or ISP) content on the Web. On the other words, a cool VPN provider should have the ability to solve content restriction issue effectively.
  • avoid some risky even malicious websites that contains bad codes.
  • keep your personal info safe from unwanted orgs, such as your computer IP.

For more info, you can take a closer at this site, which contains almost everything you need to know about VPN, WWW security. Learn more. Meanwhile, learn how to avoid fake, risky even malware-powered downloads or domains like downware or CPI based campaigns: this blog allows you to secure your computer from virus, sypware and other badware the smarter way.

Measure #2: Be careful when you're about to use your bank info and/or other very sensitive stuff while on the road or other public places like coffee bar. Or, you can consider opening your bank account later, on a safer place.

Measure #3: Set up a guest account on your computer. Here's how to do so.

Measure #4: Enable "Double Protection" to your personal data. A good example is that has been offering bloggers w/ such an outstanding features.

Measure #5: Enable a tough yet easy-to-remember password to your local disk, pen drive and/or other removal devices.

Measure #6: Turn on Windows Firewall, which has been known as the basic line of defense.

Extra measures are:

  • Use some "sharing features" carefully, such as Apple's iTunes.
  • Disconnect yourself from public networks on time when you do not need it.
  • Enable HTTPS to your operating system.
  • Use "Private Browsing". Firefox is the one that you can't afford to miss.

Sony released PS Messages to crack social networking app market

Sony is in trouble with its smartphone business, however, it is the boss in gaming business in this field. Sony starts making full use of its large-scale gaming users to build the social networking app. It cracked the social networking app market recently and launched an app called PlayStation Messenges.

According to the report of DigitalTrends, Sony has launched PlayStation Messages Android and iOS versions. They are available for free.

It is all known that PS console owns a backstage service and PSN. The PSN members can chat through the PlayStation client-side software. But this software was not customized for chatting.

Sony relaunches an independent client-side software that aims to enhance the chatting the communicative experience. The PlayStation Messages will be combined with PSN. The users can log in with the gaming account and check the chatting records on other app platforms.

The PS Messages is similar with other apps. Functionally, it contains Messages, Favorites and Friends. Users can check the messages record in Messages content, launch the group chat in Favorites content and find who are online in Friends content.

This App supports search friends, deleting chatting records and unfriended. Besides typing messages, it supports to send images, videos and emoji.What is more, Sony added some PlayStation unique emoji into the PS Messages.

It is smart to launch an independent chatting app for Sony as it could help its tradditional users to keep in touch with each other when they are not playing games.

Sony gaming console takes up a great amount of share in the market, the sales volume of PS4 reached over 30 million sets. While Microsoft Xbox One just sold out 15 million sets. Sony has advantages to develop its by-line services.

The PlayStation Messages is not only available for its game players. Sony has plan to exchange its brand to promote the PlayStation products as it announced early this year. Its music and video services renamed as PS Music and PS Vidoe now.

Sony obtains over 60 million users all over the world. It is assumed that it will promote the PS Messages to its users in the future.

The Korean chatting app Line nearly controls the major market there. It is also introduced to Taiwan and Thailand.

How to Fix VPN Error 806?

There are always some problems arise when we using a VPN connection, it seems difficult to fix the errors, especially for the new users.

There is a common error when we try to connect to the Internet--error 806.

Let’s get a simple knowledge of VPN error 806. Sometimes our computer would get with “Disconnected” when we’re connecting to VPN connection.

Error 806 is a connection between the computer and the VPN server has been established but the VPN connection is not completed. The most common is there is at least one Internet device is not configured to allow Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) protocol packets between the computer and the VPN server, the device may be the firewall or the router. If the problem persists, please contact the network administrator or Internet Service Provider.

How to fix this problem? It’s very easy, just follow my steps.

--Ensure the TCP Port 1723 is open. Open Network and Sharing Center, click Ethernet0, enter the its Properties, choose Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4).

--Set the router to allow the use of PPTP/L2TP to ensure the computer is connected to PPTP.

--Then choose the Obtain an IP address automatically to enable automatic IP configuration.

--Check and disable all the firewall and/or other anti-virus software. They may be the cause of the disable connection between the computer and the VPN server.

--After finishing the steps above, please re-try the VPN server later, or connect to other VPN server you have.

--The last solution for VPN error 806 is please try out other better VPN solutions for 2015, I highly recommend them to you!

The above steps may help you solve the VPN Connection Error 806 quickly and successfully, if the problems still not be fixed by these steps, please contact you VPN service provider.

Shanghai Disney calls for a clear sky

The visitors may feel disappointed when they see a bleak and grey sky over Disney during their journey there. To welcome the opening ceremony of Shanghai Disney early next year, the Chinese government will take some measures to solve the polluted problems around Disney. Shanghai government decided to follow the example of "Blue Parade plan" to close down 153 factories to make sure Shanghai Disney won't be the exceptional case from other Disney sites.

Despite the Beijing government began to focus on coal burning pollution problems, the PSI of Shanghai is still exceeding. According to the reports from Berkeley Earth which studying Climatic Change and relevant subjects, among one fifth of Chinese death rate is caused by air pollution, accounting to over 4,000 people each day.

Experts suggested Shanghai Disney would be the one that encounters polluted porblems among all of its theme parks two years ago. Shanghai authorities have not announced the affected enterprises yet, however, many of them have been ordered to close down business best before at the end of 2016.

From the government official website, we have learned that those enterprises are high polluted, high energy-costed, low efficiency that include texitile industry, chemistry, iron and steel industry. The Shanghai government will also have those enterprises tranformed even without the effect of Shanghai Disney.

Shanghai is one of the econimic centers in east Asia, its function is making change. It needs a more optimized environment to enhance its city image. It is a must for those high polluted, high energy-costed enterprises to move out even without the importing of Disney in Shanghai, reports National Business Daily.

The first year's visiting volume after the opening ceremony of Shanghai Disney is expected to receive 20 million visitors. After than, it will receive a stable amount of visitors at 30 million people each year. It will make over 20 billion yuan revenue. Shanghai goverment will take this avail of this chance to have those enterprises moved out around Disney to free up 503.27 mu industrial land so that it could rebuild the ecological farms.

The Disney Magic World will miss something if there is no blue and clear sky. We will see how it looks like early next year.

Do you need to upgrade your system or buy a new one?


If there is something goes wrong on your computer and you can’t use the machine effectively, are you confused about upgrading the Widows system or buy a new computer instead? Maybe you should make clear about your computer’s situation and then make a decision depending to your need.

When a computer has been bought and used for a long time, there must be many problems occur and affect the effective use or performance of this machine like the system error code or other issues. In this situation, some people will ask themselves like “does my computer comes to the end of its life ” or "Should I buy a new computer to instead the current one?"

Yes, this is really a question for many computer users, especially for those people whose computers have been used for a long time. Choosing to upgrade the Windows system or buying a new one? Maybe you can get some suggestions from the following tips:

One - get a basic understanding about your computer system

What's the specific operating system version of your computer? What's the latest Windows system version available in present? These are two questions that you should firstly ask yourself, when you find that the current Windows system version on your computer are too old, you can consider to upgrade your system well.

Two - make clear about your computer's problem

Next, you should find out the specific problem of the ineffective performance of your computer, lacking of system space, or Internet connection? Insufficient amount of RAM? Or slow Internet connection speed? And you can try to improve the computer performance via adding the associated device or item on the system.

Three - change your computer if you really cannot improve it

If the computer still cannot perform effective after you improve the computer's equipment and associated devices, and the computer has been used for a long time. Maybe you can think about buying a new computer, and please remember to perform a computer maintenance regularly, it will help you to prolong the service life of the machine.

Well, buying a new computer does not mean you'll gain better system performance, as the term mainly depends on how you will treat it, what to do when you will face frequently faced issues like adware, foistware even the said malware.

How to secure your computer and important data

Secure data.jpg

As the computer has been a very useful and common used utility for most people, how to protect their computers and data well is a very popular issue and many people want to get some tips to ensure the security. As a matter of fact, as long as you keep some suggestions below in mind, you will protect your computer and important data effectively.

Good Practices. Develop a good practice when you are using the computer and surfing online. Do not visit the suspicious websites, do not enter your sensitive password on the unfamiliar site, do not open the attachment you don't known and download anything you are not familiar, all of these things are closely related to your system security and you should pay attention to develop a good practice of using the PC.

Keep up-to-date for your Windows system and programs. Stop using the outdated and insecure Windows operating system like Microsoft Windows 98 and Windows 95 on your computer, and keep you installed programs up-to-date. Otherwise, those tricky and malicious viruses will seize the bug and sneak to your computer.

Back up your data periodically. In case of the computer getting crash, or virus totally attack your computer can cause serious system, which will greatly threaten the data you store in the machine, it is suggested to back up your important files and data on the computer regularly, and save in an external hard drive or online storage service.

Use complex passwords. Creating a strong passwords with special and different characters can withstand the sensitive account to be stolen by other people or hacked by the viruses.

In order to avoid anything threaten your computer system, you also need to known the way to troubleshoot the common problem on the PC, and avoid any serious error issue for your Windows system.

How to do when laptop is not charging?

Laptop battery.jpg

Using the laptop without connecting to socket is a highlight and absolute advantage while comparing to the desktop computer, but sometimes people would encounter a problem that the laptop is not charging the battery so that they cannot get the power supply, how should we do when we get this problem on our laptop?

Problem of laptop being not able to charge the battery could be due to many problems and issues on the PC itself or the related devices. When you encounter this problem, please try the following resolutions to resolve it:

One - check the outlet, cord, and connection.

In many situations, it is not a big trouble and just the connecting problem between your computer and the battery, so please check outlet, cord, and connection and try again.

Two - check and modify related settings on your laptop.

In this way, you can get to know whether you had disable something which make the battery cannot supply the power to your computer, please try to reset the associated selections to solve it.

Three - check your power adapter.

There is another case that the power adapter is corrupt so that battery cannot charge, in this situation, you can change to use a new power adapter.

Four - replace the battery.

If the battery is frequent used on your laptop and it has been used for a long time, it is very possible that it is the end of its life and you should go to buy a brand new battery to replace the current one.

Get more problems about your computer and the Windows system? Please try to find the proper PC error resolutions in my blog.

Effective ways to fix smss.exe error

Fix smss.exe error.png

Smss.exe error is regarded as an annoying problem that often occurs on the computer with Windows system, but what the problem really is? And how can fix smss.exe error well? We will focus on the issue in this article.

About smss.exe file

File smss.exe is an important executable process file in Windows system that taking charge of various actions on the PC, such as activating and loading Win32 (Csrss.exe) processes, setting Windows system's features and configurations.

So what's smss.exe error?

As an indispensable Windows file, smss.exe should be always running on the computer when it is required, and cannot be terminated or disabled randomly, but there is often a case that those registry files and other parts associated to the process file have a problem of performing effectively on the PC. So, the smss.exe error will be triggered and often displays notification on the screen, which will create a lot of problems and troubles of using the computer, and even cause serious Windows system problem(s). Therefore, it is very necessary and important to fix smss.exe error quickly once it happens on the PC.

How can fix smss.exe error on system for good?

According to various reasons for the Windows smss.exe error, there are several resolutions to troubleshoot the EXE error, for most of computer users who get this problem on their PC, these methods are available for them to resolve the error issue:

1.Remove virus infection Make sure your computer system is protected well, and there is no a malicious virus hiding on your computer. So you should take an outstanding antivirus program to check your Windows system thoroughly, and remove all of detected infections instantly on your PC.

2.Fix system registry problems Use an advanced registry optimized to check your System Registry, and fix all of registry issues inside and also clean the useless registry files.

3.Perform "sfc" to restore corrupt system files Activate the System File Check (sfc command) on your Windows system, it will help you to repair those corrupted system files automatically.

4.Clean junk files and free up system space Computer itself and some process performances are very easy to be affected by the overloaded junk files on system, so you should take a cleaning tool to erase those junk files on your computer.

In additional, removing the program which cause the problem is also working for helping you fix smss.exe error on your computer, please remember to do a data back-up for precaution if you are not sure for your activities.

Things to make your computer run faster

Enhance computer.jpg

Is the sluggish computer performance very intolerable? Have you ever been tried to improve the computer running speed by yourself? If the things you had done cannot help to speed up the computer running speed, please try the following methods to freeze up your system space and enhance the computer performance.

Uninstall extra programs

Installing too many applications on the computer is not a good idea to make full use of the machine, you should keep the things you need, and clean all of unnecessary programs on the computer, which always take up many of the system space and affect the effective performance of other programs and system features. So please check your installed programs, and remove all of unneeded contents on your PC.

Delete temporary files on system

Every time we use the installed programs and surfing online, many temporary files will be created on the computer, and take up a many of hard disk space, so you can choose to clean all of them on your system.

Open your system disk, then select Windows folder, open the "Temp" folder, select all of files before the current date.

Free up more RAM

RAM, which is short for Random Access Memory, it is an important part of Windows system that used to save the temporary storage memory , when the computer does not have the enough RAM, installed programs and the computer itself will always result in freeze-up, and even crash unexpectedly. So you should make sure you have the enough RAM on the PC, and you can add one more RAM on your PC to increase its space.

There are also many other available measures to increase the running speed of computer, like disable unnecessary start ups, disk defragment and clean virus infection, but the most important thing is keeping a good habit of computer use in the daily life, thus, you will be able to use the computer

Resolve and Fix Blacklist.dll Error issue on Windows system

Dll error.png

Are you annoyed by an error message which states that blacklist.dll file is missing or corrupt on your computer? Do you have any good idea to fix blacklist.dll error well? Luckily, this post will be a very good resource to get the best answer and solution.

All about the file

File blacklist.dll is a DLL component related to the Blacklist Filter, which is developed by Mark Edwards for the Windows Operating System. Generally, it can be found in your Windows system folder and support the associated program's operation on the computer.

Error messages:

Can't find Blacklists.dll The module "Blacklists.dll" was loaded but the entry-point DllRegisterServer was not found. Make sure that "Blacklists.dll" is a valid DLL or OCX file and then try again. The file blacklist.dll is missing

Typically, people would encounter this error issue if their computers have one or more of the following problems:

1. Blacklist.dll itself or its associated registry entries are deleted with other program's removal 2. Infected viruses compromised and replace the authentic blacklist.dll file 3. with a fake one 4. Corrupted system files 5. Program conflict issues

When getting its error message on computer, the computer will become very sluggish can cannot be used smoothly and effectively as usual. So, you should take measures to fix blacklist.dll error as early as possible.

Method enable you to fix blacklist.dll error well

One: perform a virus scan and removal

There is often a case that some malicious viruses sneak to your computer system, and compromised the legitimate blacklist.dll file, and install a fake one on the PC for better controlling and monitoring your computer. So it is necessary to perform a thorough check for you computer and remove all of infections.

Two: use System File Checker

System File Checker is a utility on Windows system that able to help the computer user to repair corrupted system files for free. Conduct a system file checking and repairing can avoid and fix blacklist.dll error which is caused by the issue.

Three: clean registry issues on System

System registry issue is a big cause for many DLL and EXE error issues on the computer, so you should take a professional registry error fixer to scan and repair all of registry issues on your Windows system.

Repair and Fix Error Code 126 Quickly on Windows System

Error code 126.gif

It is very annoying for people always getting an error code number 126 and its error notification on computers, but unfortunately this is a common Windows issue that occurs on many people's computer, to fix error code 126 and get rid of its error message, please learn how to do it from the following content.

Why people encounter error 126?

Different computer situations would be resulted in the error 126 issue for different reasons, and in most cases, this Windows error is caused by one of the following problems on computer:

DLL error issues Spyware or virus attack Application conflict Windows system or drivers get out-of-date Windows system problems

If the error issue stays too long on your computer and you do not take any action to get rid of it, you will find that the computer performance become more ineffective and the running speed also become slower then before, to avoid many other further issues on your PC, it is necessary to fix error code 126 instantly.

How can fix error code 126 with an effective way

To take a proper way to get this problem fixed, it is important to firstly make clear about what's the specific or possible reasons for the error. If you don't have too much information about what cause the error on your PC, please try the common resolutions according to the most common causes of error 126.

1. Fix DLL error issue associated with the error

Error 126 is often a service problem that the error message often states that there is a DLL file like srvsvc.dll is corrupted or missing on the system, in this case, you should do a check for this file on your PC, and try to install a new one to replace the current file on system.

2. Update Windows system and drivers

Outdated Windows features and files easily cause other related services on the computer cannot perform smoothly, so you need to conduct a Windows update and make sure the effective performance of your computer system.

3. Remove infected viruses

Get rid of all of virus infections to protect your Windows system from being damaged.

If you want more available solutions and details about how to fix error code 126, this article which focus on troubleshooting error 126 will be helpful for you.

Troubleshoot winoper.exe error once and for all


It’s suggested for users to remove winoper.exe from computer as soon as possible as Winoper.exe is added by the W32/Rbot-GXV worm and IRC backdoor. The basic steps is to kill the process winoper.exe and remove winoper.exe from Windows startup.

The main reason of winoper.exe error is outdated driver which is not compatible with the system. Winoper.exe error also modifies the registry settings of the operating system. The registry plays a role of database of the Windows as well as maintain a list of files and libraries. Corrupted or damaged registry settings may hinder the performance and results the system crash frequently. Removing, deleting, and damaged.exe file also causes the above error.

If the problem is caused by missing winoper.exe, try these steps to re-register it into your computer: 1. Copy winoper.exe to the installation directory of the program that is requesting . 2. If that doesn't work, you will have to copy and paste winoper.exe to your system directory. By default, this is: C:\Windows\System32 (Windows XP, Vista, 7/8) If you use a 64-bit version of Windows, you should also place winoper.exe in C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ Make sure overwrite any existing files (but make a backup copy of the original file). 3.Wake your computer up.

If you still got the same error massage, try below: 1. Open Windows Start menu - select "Run". 2. Type CMD and press Enter. 3. Type regsvr32 winoper.exe and press Enter.

Or, 1. Reboot your computer and press F8 constantly, enter safe mode with net working when you have the advanced boot option. 2. Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to activate Task Manager window, click Processes tab and end the running processes of winoper.exe. 3. Delete all the winoper.exe-associated files and registry entries.

Try fix winoper.exe error with the methods I mentioned. If those are not satisfied with your request then it's suggested to choose a reliable system repair tool to completely and safely take over the burden.

Safeguard Your USB Drive to Protect Your Data

Safeguard USB Drive.png

In today's frequent use of computer, USB flash drive has been one of the most popular and convenient way for storing data and information. However, more and more hackers peep wickedly to your USB drive and want to steal your important data, you should learn some ways to safeguard it to avoid any attack and further error issue.

There is not a way that can help you protect your USB drive from all of attackers, what you should do is cultivating a good habit and pay attention to these matters:

Using a write protector switch is a very effective way to protect your USB drive being infected by malicious virus or threat when connected to the computer. If you don't get a write protector switch or it is missing, a write protector software also can help you make the USB drive read only.

Set a password for your USB drive. If you don't want other people access to your USB drive, you can set a complicate password for your drive, every time you access your drive, it will ask you to enter the password for confirmation.

Install a USB safeguard application. There are now many USB safeguard programs available online and claim to help the computer user protect their portable drives well. So you can try to get a reputable one to protect the USB drive.

In case of data being stolen or get loss in one day, you had better to do a backup for your data in the USB drive, in addition, if your drive is infected by virus and you need to plug it into the computer, please remember to hold down the shift key to prevent it running automatically on the PC. And use the installed anti-virus program to scan and remove the infections in the device.

Difference Between LAN, WAN, and MAN Networks

Internet connection2.jpg

Although computer is widely used by many people in nowadays, I think a lot of people still don't know about the difference between LAN, WAN, and MAN Networks, and even have no idea about them. This post will be a good chance for you to get a well known about them and make clear about your computer's network.

LAN - Local Area Network

A network that covers a limited (small) space and now often can be seen in a local office or in homes, all of computers in a common LAN network that share one common connection. Thanks to the fast development of high-tech, it can be wired or wireless, but nearly all the modern LANs we can see are Ethernet-based network, data transmission speed of this kind of network is 10- 100 mbps, which is slower than WAN.

WAN - Wide Area Network

As the full name suggests, WAN cover a wider area while compared to the LAN, it is used to connect those computers in different places which are not close to each other, so it is regarded as the largest network that can spread its network throughout the whole world, there is often a case that LANs are finally connected to the WANs. The data transmission speed of this Network is 256Kbps to 2Mbps, which is the highest.

MAN - Metropolitan Area Network

Metropolitan Area Network is a special type of network that connects those computer nodes in the same metro area. Some organizations may use this kind of network to connect their buildings in the same area, and the most common way to create this network is utilizing microwave transmission technology. The data transmission speed of MAN is 5-10Mbps, which is faster than LAN but slower than WAN.

Total removal guide of PatchMaker 1.0

Fix Error Code 6602-720x340.jpeg

If you have difficulty in uninstalling PatchMaker 1.0, you can refer to more how to completely uninstall PatchMaker 1.0 tutorials.Do you want to remove PatchMaker 1.0 from your computer but you have no clue how to do this? The reasons may be you may not find PatchMaker 1.0 on the installed programs list, so it does not permit you to delete it, or damaged files or a partial installation may prevent this uninstallation or may leave files or empty application folders on the system after the removal is performed. Well, if this is the case then you should not worry too much because I will set you up with a plan that helps you to remove PatchMaker 1.0 quickly, safely and easily. Get ready now!

Manual uninstall way: First you should get into the control panel, chose add / remove programs and follow theae steps: 1. Click Start on the desktop. 2. Click Control Panel in the Start Menu. 3. Click "Uninstall PatchMaker 1.0" under the Programs section.

Note: If you want to uninstall a software, delete only the file folder where the software is on, it will cause a lot of useless information systems reside, thus affecting the system speed and stability. So if you want to uninstall the software completely, it is best to use the default uninstall mechanism provided by the system to activate the corresponding default uninstaller software to uninstall.

Because of today's wide range of application software, installation mode tends to complicated, the installation files release forms is getting diversified, and also bundled with other malicious software installation. Faced with the above situations it’s far not enough if we are dependent only on the system default uninstaller. Therefore, If the above method can not help you completely remove uninstall PatchMaker 1.0, it’s recommended using a dedicated software to completely uninstall and clean PatchMaker 1.0 residual traces.

Kaspersky PURE 3.0 Total Security removal tips

Uninstall Kaspersky PURE.jpg

Kaspersky PURE 3.0 Total Security is a security application published by Kaspersky corporation, it can be installed and protect the computer system from malicious virus attack, but sometimes people would encounter a problem which cannot uninstall Kaspersky PURE 3.0 Total Security with success on the PC.

Why does the program cannot be removed smoothly? The reasons could be various for different situations on the computer, and many operation errors and running problems can be the causes of the failing program removal. According to many people’s experiences, people often being not able to uninstall Kaspersky PURE 3.0 Total Security effective because: corrupt program issue and program leftovers cannot be cleaned well.

Windows based uninstall utility in Control Panel is a common tool that people use to removing the installed programs, however, it often cannot uninstall a program which has been corrupted on the PC, so people will be unable to process the removal while using the Windows program removing feature. In addition, uninstall a program in Control Panel often creates incomplete removal issue on the computer, these leftovers will not only occupy the system space, but also make the computer unable to reinstall the program or install other applications which are incompatible with Kaspersky PURE 3.0 Total Security.

To uninstall Kaspersky PURE 3.0 Total Security without this or that complicated issue or further problems, you should take another way to get rid of this program on your PC, and a professional uninstall tool is the best way in nowadays to replace the traditional removing way to uninstall a program effectively and quickly, for that a sophisticated remover usually can help you find out all of related preference files and registry entries on the PC, then remove all of them in an automatic way.

Still finding a solution to uninstall Kaspersky PURE 3.0 Total Security, you can follow the method in this post to complete the program removal with ease:

Fix HyperCam errors


HyperCam is a powerful tool for image capture. And just like HyperSnap, it is not only easy to use, it can also automatically translate the image captured into AVI movie file format, which is the standard animation format, this software has wide usages. It can also be used directly in multimedia production, to help you make the standard animation file format.

1. Installation: HyperCam is a shareware, you can download and extract the software(. ZIP), now the software prompts you to install, according to the default directory or specified directory, you can install it. At this point there is the icon of HyperCam in the Start menu, click on it to start HyperCam. If you have not registered, the screen will give you tips. However, the most efficient way to get rid of it is to completely uninstall HyperCam follow the guides.

2.Error simulation: I recently installed hypercam to make videos of my runescape account. It wont work right and i want to get rid of it. But i can not! Whenever I click uninstall, a window pops up and it says "The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). Click on OK to terminate the application. "I am afraid ill get a virus! What can i do to get rid of it?

3. Solve the problem Hypercam can not be uninstalled. go to Control Panel in the start menu - add or remove programs and then find the program - click remove If this way does not work then go to your computer C:. \ Program Files and whatever folder that the program is in, It might be under the name of the program or under who made it and just delete all of the files.

Or, The Hypercam may not be uninstalled using the Windows Control Panel. In most cases, traces of a Hypercam infection may remain on the affected computer. Malware analysts urge computer users to scan their computer systems with a strong, reliable anti-malware tool to ensure that no files or components associated with the Hypercam remain on the affected computer after the removal of the Hypercam is completed.

How to Troubleshoot System Registry Issue

System Registry Issue.jpg

As a central database of a computer system, system registry contributes a lot for the smooth and effective operations of Windows system and other installed applications, getting any problem with system registry will do great harm for the computer, so you should know how to protect this database and troubleshoot the registry issue.

Back up you system registries regularly

The first and also most important thing you should know is to back up your system registry regularly, which is the best way to protect this database and also can effective avoid many further registry issues. When you come across a registry error, you can easily fix it via recovering the registry. Some Windows system can help you back-up the computer system registry automatically, you can have a check for associated settings on your computer system.

Try to fix your registry issues in these ways

If you unfortunately encounter registry issues, please try these ways to get it fixed:

1. Use a registry fix tool An advanced registry fix tool is able to help you find out the problematic registry issues on computer system, and then repair them automatically without any complex steps, which is a good way for common users to resolve the system registry problems.

2. Restore your computer system to a previous date Windows system contains a useful utility that enables you to restore to a previous date, so that people can use to fix the registry error via restoring the computer system to a previous date before the error occurs.

3. Find out the solution online via the specific error code In most cases, when people encounter a registry error, they will receive an error message which contains a specific error code, people can search the error code online, and you may be able to find some resolutions from other people's experiences or some reputable websites which is about computer technology.

Shame of Google glasses: The coolest products completely reduced to guinea pigs


It seems that Google should gradually put down on a beautiful fantasy of its eyewear products. Since September, a growing number of media began to badmouth Google glasses, including Time, Connection, MIT's Technology Review and other old magazines which had give Google glasses ultra-evaluation two years ago. Connection said Google glasses have been on the verge of failure in a commentary article published this month, "get rid of it" is the only way to save it.

From the future equipment to the unanimous failed product now, Google glasses impermanence fate suffered a lot. This can not help but make us want to ask, what happened to the Google glasses in the last two years?

Ignoring the public and official backlash: Google glasses is new, strange, futuristic, geeks paid attention to it, looked up to it and blown away. However, the public felt nothing to it. In the public eye, the image of Google glasses is not brilliant, it means peep, leaks, a cheap tool to record the privacy of others living .

Public and official attitudes to Google glasses has been very obvious. Unfortunately, Google responded but no sincerity. Last June, Google released a requirements banning developers to develop facial recognition application to avoid violating others privacy; however, a year later, Google has launched a "blink shot 'functions in the system update, and then suffered a lot of accusations, again criticized disregard Volkswagen privacy.

Sales Short board: the physical store closed: November 21 came the bad news, Google is coming off Basecamp Google glasses store, products display, technical support, booking and other services the store provides will be stopped. Google explained that users majorly make purchases through the Internet and telephone, the store is not the meaning of existence. Although this interpretation is reasonable enough, but Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, London Four Basecamp store fully closed can not hide a basic fact: Google glasses offline-sales is completely failed.

Developer's attitude: abandonment Developers are starting to turning cold. after Google announced the closure of the Basecamp store, Reuters broke the news that the early developers of Google glasses have lost interest of Google glasses. In an interview with Reuters of 16 developers, nine people said because of time reasons, they had abandoned the development of applications for the Google glasses.

How to fix if computer unable to install Windows update


Updating the Windows system regularly is an important step to ensure the stability and effectiveness of computer system, but some people may experience a error of installing Windows update on the computer. What's the problem with the PC?

Generally, failed Windows update installation could be due to many problems on the PC, such as virus infection, corrupted system files and even lacking of the system space. Try these methods below, through which you may be able to fix the failure of installing Windows update.

One - scan and clean infected viruses

Installing a powerful antivirus program or updating your installed antivirus software to the newest version, then perform a thorough check for your computer system, and remove all of infected viruses on your PC, it is in all possibility that the Windows system update is affected and stop by malicious virus for keeping attack your vulnerable system.

Two - fix the corrupted or incorrect version of IUCTL.dll

Please backup your important file and program before start the following steps, because your manual error will probably make your system corrupted.

1. Open C:\WUTEMP folder, and empty it.

2. Then go to "Program Files" folder > "WindowsUpdate" folder, remove all of files escept "V4" folder

3. "WindowsUpdate" is a hidden folder on your computer, so you should change to the visible situation

4. If you can locate the "V4" folder, highlight it, and click Edit at the top of the window, then select "Invert Selection"

5. Delete all of things in the "V4" folder except "iuhist.xml" file

6. Go to C:\WUTemp folder, and also empty it

7. Click on Start > Run > type “CMD” in the box > hit Enter

8. Type "regsvr32 /u C:\WINNT\System32\IUCTL.dll" in the black screen, hit Enter again

9. Restart your computer and try again

Yahoo Japan to launch genetic analysis which can check the probability of cancer


According to Japan's Mapion website recent report, Yahoo Japan's Web site "Yahoo HealthCare" organized a research program called "HeathData Lab", which is now beginning to provide to the public to check the condition and physical condition occurrence probability information such as genome analysis service which price is 49,800 yen (about 430 US dollars). It is reported that this service can analyze lung cancer, colorectal cancer, prostate cancer and other 22 kinds of cancer’s incidence risk, and it can also analyze the type 2 diabetes, stroke, myocardial infarction, obesity and other conditions of the probability of occurrence, and uric acid levels in the blood, the about 290 physical health, including blood pressure and other content value. In addition, customers can also analyze genetic mitochondrial DNA obtained from the mother body , tracing their source to find their ancestors, learning that their mitochondrial DNA with the same DNA was first born in and where, and then know that what happened in geographically change.

According to reports, the user needs to buy the kit for genomic analysis via Yahoo shopping site "Yahoo HealthCare HealthDataLab" store. After the kit successfully delivering, user can follow the instructions to register and log in to the personal website and put their own saliva samples to the relevant departments of Yahoo, then answer some survey questions in their habits on their personal website. A few days later, user can watch the results of its analysis on their personal website.

The project research activities are also planned to provide clinical genetic research consult expert service to whom want to understand their genome situation and consult the related professionals.

According to Yahoo official website description, there are also a fee-based service "Doctors Me", aiming to is provide a chance to allow customers who want to have the conversations with relevant doctors, nutritionists and other experts to improve the quality of life and get their recommendations.

Journalism will catalyze these emerging jobs?

Journalism will catalyze these emerging jobs.jpg

Every industrial revolution is world-shaking - some jobs disappear, and some reborn. So is the current journalism. The Internet world is bidding farewell to industrial age and bringing great changes from all walks of life. It’s not the extinction of of journalism or media industry, but their rebirth. There may not be only traditional collecting, editing and operating jobs of the old concept in the future. Let’s think imaginatively what occupations will appear, and whether it fits your talents.

100 years ago, a world-shaking industrial revolution changed the work structure of the whole society, and caused the loss of many people’s living jobs. This revolution destroyed quite a number of occupations and also catalyzed a lot of them. For example, electrical engineer, which appeared after the second industrial revolution.

Now a mobile social reformation has just started the overturns and changes of media industry. Media practitioners are losing their sense of security more or less. Opportunities belong to the prepared. Maybe those who have take precautions stand a chance to march forward.

Since it’s about prospective, we might think more imaginatively. The following jobs may sound absurd, but who can tell whether they are impossible in the future?

1.Information buyer.

As the development of media technology and the diversity of end-points, the information that can be passively accessed by people is much more. We need someone particular to select those valuable for us.

2.Stand-in of reality show

When it becomes normal to live before the camera, politicians and celebrities get upset.

3.Robot journalist

The future robot can be capable of not only writing but also walking around to catch news.


When everybody is able to catch news, “journalist” will not be a special job anymore but a common work, like news-bay storekeeper.

5.Live news maker

It’s possible to reproduce the news in the future by adopting virtual reality technology.

6.News hacker

Under the circumstances of comprehensive informatization, hackers won’t be interested in stealing people’s private photos or trade secrets. They will control the information you acquire and intervene your decisions instead.

Available Ways to Free Up Disk Space

Clean disk.jpg

Lacking of disk space is a big problem for the use of computer, because you can do nothing quickly and smoothly on the sluggish machine. Once the PC is running out of room, you will meet a system freeze up or even the Blue Screen of Death. So let's start to learn some ways to free up computer's disk space.

Remove unneeded programs

Installed programs always occupy a large space on the computer system, especially some complex programs like gaming application, if you don't have the enough disk space and are also not willing add an extra drive, it is suggested to uninstall those applications you don't need from your computer. It will greatly free up the disk space of your computer.

Clean junk files

Removing junk files is not as easy as empty the Recycle Bin on the computer, there are many other junk files existing everywhere on the system, and you should apply a professional cleaning tool to conduct a scan and removal for the system files.

Use Disk Cleanup utility

Disk Cleanup is a Windows attached cleaning utility that can help computer user to clean up disk for free. People can easily find it on the Control panel and perform a clean up for the computer disk:

1. Click on Start > Control Panel > System and Security

2. Click on "Free up disk space" in Administrative Tools section

3. Choose the drive you want to clean, and click on OK, then it will scan and calculate the amount of space you can delete

4. Select the files you want to delete, click on OK to start the removal

5 Follow the instructions to complete the disk clean-up

Clear Temporary Internet Files

The frequent use of web browser will create a great number of temporary files on the computer, which are often known as "cache", cleaning these files will significantly free up the disk space, and also speed up the Internet connection when you are visiting some websites.

Error loading midas.dll


A netizen recently asked me, after he finished installing the software, the system prompts error Midas.dll. What is this and how to solve it?

Error means: An error occurred when loading midas.dll file. This usually means that Windows can not find midas.dll file.

midas.dll is a dynamic link library files provided by the US company Borland, many programs require the support from midas.dll file to work.

The reason for the error: Assuming that when you install a software in d: \ a1 folder. At this time, Windows will remember, midal.dll is located in d: \ a1 folder. Later, you perform another installation, this time you installed the software in d: \ a2 folder. But when the software is running, windows will still load midas.dll in the d: \ a1 folder. If the system cannot find midas.dll in d: \ a1 folder, then there will be "Error while Loading 'midas.dll'.

Solution: Suppose the last time you install the software in d: \ a2 folder, then you can simply register once midas.dll file and things will be solved.

Open the Windows "Start" -> "Run" menu, enter:

regsvr32 d: \ a2 \ midas.dll   After executing the above command, Windows will directly find midas.dll in d: \ a2 folder in the future.

Tip: You need to substitute the above command d: \ d2 \ midas.dll path to your own path.

If the path of midal.dll contained spaces, you should single quotes the entire path. Such as:

regsvr32 'c: \ program files \ n_Tmis \ midas.dll'

And, if you feel this modification is complicated, why not choose a tool to help you better solve the midas DLL trouble?

Or, you can copy midas.dll on other computers to your own computer system32 folder, or go online to download: midas.dll, or: register midas.dll file, if you don’t have midas.dll file, you can copy this file to the category of the corresponding system. For Windows 2000: Run -> regsvr32 c: \ winnt \ system32 \ midas.dll For Windows XP: run -> regsvr32 c: \ windows \ system32 \ midas.dll

Disable Auto Load in QuickTime


QuickTime is known as an extensible multimedia framework released by Apple Inc., it is widely used by many computer users all around the world for opening and enjoying various types of media files like picture, digital video, sound and etc., it is available to be used in both Windows system and Mac OS.

Many people with Windows system are using QuickTime on their computers,and most of them will choose to associate QuickTime with the supported file types on PC. That’s to say, once you set the QuickTime as default media player for those supported file formats on your computer, it will automatically load and playing these types of files when you click to open one certain file.

However, this auto-loading feature is also a problem for some users: when they are going to open a specific file with other installed applications rather than QuickTime, this file will be opened with QuickTime and they have no idea to stop the automatic loading with it. If you want to do something changes to this situation and open the file type you want with other application on your computer, you can follow the guides to disabled the auto load to a certain file type in your QuickTime program:

Step 1: click on the Start icon in desktop >>> select "Default Programs"

Step 2: select "Set Your Default Programs", you can see a new window which displays many programs which including QuickTime

Step 3: locate and click on "QuickTime" to see its program information and settings

Step 4: click "Choose Defaults for this Program" >>> deselect the check box next to the file types you don’t want to be automatically opened with QuickTime

Step 5: click on "Save" >>> click OK to confirm the changes, and finally close the window

Twitter launched the advanced version of Audio Cards Audio Embedding feature


Twitter has come up with the method playing audio message on Twitter and the first one who reach its cooperation is the one twitter had ever consider buying. The company's name is Soundcloud, this cooperation will bring Twitter Audio Cards a complete support. In addition, There is a very unique feature of these Audio Cards, because you can "dock" them to iOS or Android version of Twitter applications, so that you can continue to listen when scrolling the browsing page.

Though Twitter open the embedded audio function to the public has been a while, but Twitter represents a more advanced version of Audio Card will be coming, for example, you can click a button to play, keep the full screen or minimized whatever you want.

Although we worry about how many people will use this feature, but there are artists have come out to support. On the speed, his name is the same as his twi-name Foo Fighter.

Interestingly, after the news release less than one hour, Twitter added in its blog: Apple's iTunes will be one of the Audio Card partners.

Earlier, Twitter just announced in its blog, that users can stream audio via SoundCloud service in iOS and Android applications. And this new feature is exactly the Twitter Audio Cards just like what I guessed , All in all, this feature allows users to browse Tweets when streaming music or podcasts. If people you are following is also using SoundCloud, then you can find what they tweeted by the relevant Tweets, just one click, you will be able to play audio.

Users can click the button top right corner to make the audio playing in the background, and then, as usual, users can browse Tweets. This feature allows users to share good music and podcasts to your friends more easily.

Malware can be found in a video ad!

video fans have to be more careful now as some media file might contain malicious advertisement.


Digital thieves go where there are the most clicks. And now hackers are sneaking malware into pop-up ads of some of the Internet's most trusted sites, including YouTube, according to security blog

Christopher Budd, of Trendmicro, said malware is loaded on your system if you click on a shady ad on a website. He said the hack in question is known as Ransomware (aka, fakealerts regarding your Windows problems or errors), a particularly nasty bug.

NOTE: Some could even transfer adware, junkware and/or foistware based downware to your puter.

Ransomware isn't new, but it is certainly frightening. If a user is infected, malware restricts access to different computer systems, often private and personal information like photos and other files. The only way to get it back is to literally pay a ransom, often about $300.

Budd said Trendmicro's research shows about 113,000 people were hit by this. He said the best way to protect yourself is to keep your operating system up to date and run a modern security package with anti-malware capabilities.

YouTube told Fox 5 it has security systems in place to prevent this type of attack. YouTube said it is aware of the report but so far it hasn't detected any evidence it was hacked.

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How to troubleshoot dll file problem


In Windows, many applications are not a complete executable file, which is divided into a number of relatively independent dynamic link library which is DLL file that is placed in the system. When we execute a particular program, the corresponding DLL file will be called. An application can have multiple DLL files, a DLL file may also be shared by several applications, such DLL file is called shared DLL file. DLL files are generally stored in the C: \ Windows \ System directory.

1.How to understand what DLL file an application are using: right-click the application and select the shortcut menu in the "Quick View" command, followed by the "quick view" window "into the table" column you will see the using DLL files.

2. How to know DLL file is to be shared by which programs: run Regedit, enter HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Microsrft \ Windows \ Current- Version \ SharedDlls sub-key to view, on the right window there are all the DLL files and their associated data, wherein the the numbers illustrate how many programs are using this DLL, (2) that is used by two programs, (0) indicates that no program is using it, it can be deleted.

3. How to resolve the missing DLL files problem: when uninstalling a file sometimes system will remind you that delete a DLL file may affect the operation of other applications. So when uninstall software, it is possible to mistakenly delete the shared DLL file. Once the missing DLL file occurred, if you can determine its name, you can find the DLL file in the Sysbckup (system backup folder), copy it to the System folder. If this does not work, the "*** dll file is missing ......" make it unchecked, it will not prompt error when startup.

How to recover lost or deleted files


Have you ever been regretted deleting a file on the computer? Do you want a missing file back to the PC? When a file is deleted or missing which cannot be found on the recycle bin or any other place on your computer system, it does not mean that can't find ways out to recover the file. If you want to have a try and make the lost or deleted files back, please try these two methods:

One - restore from a backup

If you do have a external drive or CD that used to back up your computer applications and files, you can utilize it to restore the file.

1. Connect the external drive or CD to your computer

2. Click on Start > Search > type "backup" > press Enter

3. Select "Backup and Restore" from the list of programs > Click "Restore my files"

4. Make sue of the search utility to find the file you need

5. Select the file on the search result, click OK > Next

6. Choose a restore location, and click on "Restore" button

7. Click "Finish" when it is completed.

Two - restore from the previous version

Restore the file or folder to a previous state will help you go back to the previous computer situations before the file being deleted, and you can copy it from the previous state and save on your PC.

1. Click on Start > Computer, and go to the folder you used to store the deleted file

2. Right click on the folder, click "Restore previous versions" on the menu

3. Double click to choose a previous version which contains the file

4. Click on the file you need to restore, and move to other place

5. Click "OK" to confirm moving the file

6. Go to save the file well in a specific folder

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Settled! Microsoft will release Windows 9 technical preview version on September 30


The American technology website CNET reported that Microsoft has issued a letter of invitation to the media this week, the company plans to release codenamed "Threshold" of Windows 9 operating system Enterprise Technology Preview version in San Francisco on September 30. The conference will focus on corporates and Windows focused user.

It is also reported that, Microsoft plans to officially release Windows9 system in 2015 spring, and the technology preview version of Windows 9 demonstrated in this conference may not includes all of the features of the official version.

Over the past week, the relevant "Windows technical preview" screenshots and videos have been leaked, these information displayed that this latest version of Windows system adds a redesigned mini-start button, removing Charms sidebar, the new virtual desktop feature and notification center, etc. Microsoft is expected to modify its desktop user interface to improve the traditional desktop icons and support to run Metro style apps; There will also be some changes made for the toolbar, and thus is ready for the future integration of Cortana and virtual desktop.

In addition, there has not been determined that whether this system named "Windows 9" Threshold system would be the last major update version of Windows. It is reported that after the release of Threshold, Microsoft plans to release smaller updates regularly.

Before the official release on spring of 2015, Microsoft is also expected to release a series of new features and interface design changes of Windows 9 system, so that the system can better support mouse and keyboard operation.

What’s more, citing informed sources, Microsoft officials are considering an upgrade policy of Windows 9 system: to stimulate users to upgrade power, considering whether implement free policy for the existing Windows 7 and Windows 8 users.

This entrepreneur has established two startup companies with annual income over $100 million


As a serial entrepreneur, the CEO of Zeta Interactive Company, David A. Steinberg, has experienced great successes and serious failures. During the 20 years of his career, he learned many lessons that make him wiser, pickier and more efficient.

Steinberg broke into rapid cellphone industry within 1 year after his graduation from college. In 1992, he established retail chain and B2B electronic commerce company Sterling Cellular. Then he established telemarketing company Sterling Communications. In 1999, he sold the company along with his retail services; and in the same year, he founded online mobile and B2B electronic company InPhonic.

Steinberg said that during the most brilliant time, InPhonic earned about $400 million. In 2004, it was named as the private company with the fastest development in America, and successfully launched in the same year. However, in 2007, due to improper management and other reasons, the company went bankrupt.

He bestirred himself soon from the loss, and create digital marketing company with the former president of Pepsi, also the former CEO of Apple, John Sculley. The company was renamed as Zeta Interactive this year. Steinberg said it earned $90 million last year; and from the beginning of the year to the present, the number has reached more than $100 million. He estimated the company's annual growth rate is 90%, and operating margins will reach a few percent, which means Zeta Interactive is under healthy and rapid developing status.

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Securely Format a Drive in Windows 8 from the Command Line

20140910175656.jpg (IMG Credit: Dave Greenbaum @ lifehacker)

As you probably know, formatting a hard drive doesn't completely erase the data on it. You must overwrite the data to securely destroy it, preferably multiple times. Windows 8 let's you do this with the format command and the /p parameter.

We've covered how to do a secure erase before, but all you need now is Windows 8. The command is:

Format H: /P:7

The number after /P: is the number of secure erases Windows performs (so in this case it's a total of 7). Read more at the link below.

Even though Windows 8 appeared to be all about the modern UI and the touch-based mode of interaction, Microsoft did indeed make some enhancements to the good old DOS commands. In particular, they enhanced the Format command's /P parameter. The parameter still allows you to specify the number of passes, but now instead of just overwriting the sectors on a disk with 0s, additional passes overwrite sectors with random numbers. Furthermore, the number of passes that you specify is in addition to a single pass of 0s.

So, for example, if you were to use the following command:

Format h: /P:4

With that command, the drive H: would be formatted and every sector on the disk would be overwritten once with 0s. Then, the Format command would overwrite each sector four more times -- each time with a different random number. Keep in mind that each additional pass that you specify will increase the amount of time that it will take the Format command to complete its task. However, as you can imagine, this will really decrease the likelihood that anyone would be able to retrieve any sensitive data.

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Four daunting challenge Microsoft is facing in Windows 9


Microsoft may release the next generation of Windows system test version at the end of this year, and today, a columnist Ed Bott wrote an article, pointing out that Microsoft Windows 9 is facing four challenges: business and consumer versions of Windows limits is to be enhanced, desktop experience, IE difficulties and the suppressed Google problem.

1.For business users, they spent a considerable price to buy Windows licenses to ensure the stabilization and hope that the change is less. For ordinary users, their Windows is used less and less when using their mobile device, but they also want to use the new features and applications in a version of Windows without managing the complex operation. 2. 2.In two years, although Windows 8 adds some good features to the desktop, but there is still more room for improvement. This does not mean the features and applications require a large investment, as well as no need to remove the Windows 8.1 kernel meaningful improvements. As long as Microsoft is getting more improvement in management tools, and continuous dripping usability improvements in the classic desktop elements and new modern user experience.

3.From a personal point of view, IE in Windows 8.1 is indeed very good in the whole view, but still there are a lot of imperfections and compatibility issues, so most users will have to use a third-party browser to replace IE. Over time, Microsoft may be able to resolve the incompatibility problems and improve IE to be an useful browser, but whether it can remove bad impression on minds of developers and some advanced users, this is still an open question, if Microsoft can not overcome, then do he has a plan B?

4.Google is the most successful mobile application publishers in the world, according to the relevant data, what displayed in the top ten most popular applications, Google swept the five applications, including YouTube, Google Search, Google Maps and Gmail. And yes, Google has no power, nor any desire with Microsoft in any form of cooperation.

For Windows 9, those are all fairly daunting challenge, we are looking forward to see whether Microsoft is able to solve these problems one by one, leading us users to a better user experience of this operating system.

A new generation of USB Type-C interface: 10Gbit / s, both (I / O) ca n insert


According to reports from foreign technology media ArsTechnica, USB promotion team (USB 3.0 Promoter Group) recently announced that it has completed the design of the next-generation USB Type-C connector, the connector can completely replace all currently available USB port, which means it will sweep all the unknown interfaces. USB promotion team also said, USB Type-C connector is ready for mass production, which means that in the near future,interfaces of all the computers / tablets / phones are likely look all the same.

USB Type-C has the following features:

The size of the Type-C interface socket end is as small as the original Micro USB specification, about 8.3mm × 2.5mm;

It can withstand 10,000 times repeated mating;

Support inserted from both sides which named "reverse plug" function (similar to Apple’s Lightning interface);

Slim design;

The maximum data transfer speeds up to 10Gbit / s, which is exactly the USB 3.1 standard;

Standard cable equipped with a Type-C connector can obtained by 3A current, and also supports "USB PD" which beyond the existing USB power supply, as well as can provide a maximum power of 100W.

Before Apple lightning interface appears, we may have never thought of the input / output (I / O) interface can easily insert, with the arrival of Type-C connector, all this will happen soon, even if the rate of adoption is doomed to be slow, at least this day is not so far-fetched.

How can Uninstall Hamster Blocks on the computer

Hamster Blocks is a puzzle gaming application that welcome by many children, as long as you gather three or more pieces with the same color via arranging the falling color pieces, they will disappear from the screen. Sounds like very easy to play? But if you need to uninstall Hamster Blocks, the removal will be not so easy to achieve.

Hamster Blocks.jpg

Uninstalling a program is a very common and easy thing on the computer, but sometimes you will still encounter some troubles of removing it on your computer. When uninstall Hamster Blocks, the most common problem that people will receive a strange notification, and to be informed that the Hamster Blocks fails to be removed on the PC. How to deal with the removal when you encounter such a problem? You should figure it out with the proper solution according to the specific cause of the error.

Traditional way to uninstall Hamster Blocks

There is an uninstall utility attached in the Windows operating system, and here are its names in different systems:

1. XP - Add/Remove programs

2. Windows 7 - Uninstall a program

3. Windows 8 - Programs and features

Generally, program can be removed with the instructions provided by these Windows attached utilities, but after the removal, you should go to make sure if it sti