Total Uninstaller Review

Total Uninstaller is the best app uninstaller for Windows-based devices. In this post, we will use it to uninstall apps on our testing PC.

Testing app #1: Use Total Uninstaller to uninstall K-Lite Codec Pack

K-Lite Codec Pack is a world-famous and highly acclaimed codec. It can decode different formats of audio and video files for other players. K-Lite Codec Pack is the originator of codec packs and one of the best codec packs that can extend the player’s functionality to decode more formats. It also comes with a classic player, Media player classic, which allows the codec pack to be used with it. It is the decoder that provides you with most of the audio and video formats, and with it, your player will be able to play most of the audio and video formats. The standard version includes most of the codecs needed to play most of the audio and video files that can be downloaded for free on the Internet today; the full version includes support for more uncommon file formats and comes with a media player.

K-Lite Codec Pack is available in six different versions, all of which are free.

Basic: The most compact version, which can play all formats of AVI files on Microsoft Windows operating systems in addition to Matroska (MKV), MP4, Ogg and Adobe Flash video (FLV) formats. It contains only ffdshow (audio and video decoding), DirectVobSub (for subtitle decoding), Codec Tweak Tool and four other widgets. This version does not come with Media Player Classic.

Standard: Contains all the features of the Basic version and adds DVD Video decoder, Media Info Lite and Media Player Classic Homecinema, this version allows Microsoft Windows operating system to play DVDs. this version is recommended for general users.

Full: In addition to the components and tools included in the standard version, 31 additional components and 4 more tools are included, and video decoding for Microsoft Windows PC is added. Nevertheless, no encoding or conversion tools are included in this package.

Corporate: The Corporate Edition does not contain 5 of the components included in the full version and has a DVD video decoder component that is not the same as in the full version. This package is recommended for corporations.

Mega: This version is a combination of K-Lite Codec Pack Full, Real Alternative and 14 additional components that do not exist in any other version. Among these components are the original Media Player Classic (except for Media Player Classic Homecinema), GSpot Codec Information Appliance and FourCC Changer. K-Lite Codec Pack Mega is an excellent video codec, this codec supports most common video formats and is an easy to use video codec that provides good video and audio quality.

64-bit version: K-Lite Codec Pack 64-bit is a standalone 64-bit codec pack that can be played in 64-bit players on 64-bit versions of Windows and can coexist with other versions.

The verdict: During our testing, Total Uninstaller finds and deletes 247 registry entries and 194 related files of K-Lite Codec Pack. And it completely uninstall it and remove all the detected files without any hassle.

Testing app #2: Use Total Uninstaller to uninstall LosslessCut

Deleting certain parts of a video does not necessarily require specialized tools. There are many simple video editors or trimmers that can effectively perform this task, and LosslessCut is one of them.LosslessCut is designed to be the ultimate cross-platform FFmpeg GUI for extremely fast and lossless manipulation of video, audio, subtitles and other related media files. The main feature is lossless trimming and cutting of video and audio files, which is a great way to save space by rough-cutting large video files acquired from camcorders, GoPros, drones, etc. It allows you to quickly extract the video from your laptop and discard a lot of useless data without the slow re-encoding that degrades the quality. Or, you can add music or subtitle tracks to your video without encoding. Everything is very fast because it performs an almost direct data copy, while the awesome FFmpeg does all the heavy lifting.

LosslessCut does not require setup, but it will not work without FFmpeg because it relies on the functionality of popular video processing frameworks to cut parts of the input clips. Therefore, you will be prompted to select the location of the ffmpeg executable when the application is first launched. Once this is done, you can start loading the video in LosslessCut by dragging and dropping or manually selecting its location. Unfortunately, the input selection window will not filter the files to show only compatible files, so you will just have to find the files yourself. In addition, the output will be saved in the same location without prompting you to select a filename, so make sure the files to be cut are isolated in a separate folder to make them easier to find. Setting the start and end positions is easy, and both positions are marked on the playback progress bar. If you press the scissors symbol, the selected content will be exported immediately and saved in MP4 format in the same location as the main video. Do this as soon as possible, unfortunately, you cannot choose another output format or keep the original format. In addition to cutting certain parts of the video, LosslessCut also enables you to capture snapshots of the video while it is playing. The output image will be saved as a JPG file and there is no option to change this format. In addition, none of the application’s functions can be associated with hotkeys, so you only need to use the mouse to control LosslessCut. LosslessCut will do its job as promised, allowing you to remove unwanted parts of the video, such as intros, trailers, commercials or end credits. Since it uses FFmpeg to process the video without performing encoding or decoding, its speed is impeccable. Nevertheless, there is still a lot of work to be done to make it the application of choice in its category.

The verdict: During our testing, Total Uninstaller finds and deletes 347 registry entries and 294 related files of LosslessCut. And it completely uninstall it and remove all the detected files without any hassle.

Testing app #3: Use Total Uninstaller to uninstall DxO Nik Collection

Nik Collection, a set of Photoshop filters, is a relaunch of the Nik Collection developed by Dxo (Google) focusing on image post-processing, color grading Photoshop filter set, including noise reduction, selective editing, high dynamic imaging, image beautification, black and white photos and sharpening six PS filter plug-ins This $149 PS filter plug-in set has become one of the best assistants for photographers. It integrates a lot of PS filters and is very powerful. Nik Collection has a full set of seven powerful image processing plug-ins, namely Color Efex Pro (image toning filter), HDR Efex Pro (HDR imaging filter), Silver Efex Pro (black and white film filter), Viveza (selective adjustment filter), Sharpener Pro (sharpening filter), and Dfine (noise reduction filter), Analog Efex Pro (film effects filter), is the essential image post-processing filters for photographers and design enthusiasts.

Nik Collection, a set of PS filters is Google (Google) acquired Nik Software after the re-launch of a set of PS filters focused on image post-processing, color grading set, including noise reduction, selective editing, high dynamic imaging, image beautification, black and white photos and sharpening, a collection of six PS filter plug-ins, the set of $ 149 PS filter plug-ins has become one of the best assistants for photographers. It integrates a lot of PS filters, very powerful. The new interface of Nik Viveza and Nik Silver Efex is more modern, more attractive and more useful. It also provides quick access to all available tools and presets so you can focus on what matters most – finding your own style. Save your favorite presets created with control points and then apply a similar style to a series of images – while preserving specific areas of your photos. This is the perfect way to apply a color effect to several portraits, as well as blurred backgrounds. Since control points now have fewer sliders, you can now more easily see the effects applied. To really optimize your workflows, you can even rename them. Thanks to the new color tolerance setting, users can not only select the colors they want to edit, but also adjust the tolerance of similar color shades. Meta Presets can be accessed directly from the Nik Selective Tool in Adobe Photoshop, which combines all the presets and settings of the various Nik Collection plug-ins, so you can apply several effects with a single click.

Discover 10 Meta presets created by professional photographers and instantly infuse your landscape and wildlife photography with a unique style: all without leaving Adobe Photoshop. With the Last Edit feature, you can recreate the last preset you used with a plug-in for Nik Collection. Selectively reapply the effects of a plug-in to one or several images directly in Adobe Lightroom – all without launching the Nik Collection interface. Efficient definition. Nik Silver Efex now features the revolutionary ClearView technology, which was first released as part of DxO PhotoLab. Eliminate haze, improve local contrast, and give your photos a whole new dimension. Nik Viveza features ten native presets designed by professional photographers. Pick your favorite style and make your own local adjustments. The possibilities are endless. Accurately reproduce the effects of the films that left their mark on photographic history. Nik Silver Efex features 39 surreal grains to help you create authentic black and white photos.

Create and save your personalized presets in Nik Viveza. Easily share them or import them to another computer so you can continue editing wherever you are. With Nik Viveza’s new Selective Tones tool, you have more control over highlights, midtones and shadows when editing your images. Nik Viveza’s new color temperature selector lets you choose the true white value in your images for the white balance. Enhance the quality of your images with noise reduction tailored to your camera. With Dfine 2 you can adjust the level of noise reduction for contrast and color separately, so you can easily control the type and level of noise reduction in your photos. A unique profile is automatically created for each image to ensure that noise reduction is used only on noisy areas, preserving as much detail as possible. This feature is applied to only the areas that need noise reduction, thereby preserving maximum picture detail. With control points, you can selectively remove noise without using masks.

The verdict: During our testing, Total Uninstaller finds and deletes 623 registry entries and 624 related files of DxO Nik Collection. And it completely uninstall it and remove all the detected files without any hassle.

In Conclusion

Total Uninstaller is the go-to Windows uninstaller that every one should have to keep their Windows devices in good shape. The one-time off pricing is also one of the most cost-effective solutions in the market.