Rewind Review

The benefits of Rewind

  • Excellent text recognition and indexing capabilities
  • Near-native design and usage experience with well thought-out interaction details
  • Effective control of hard disk space and processor performance usage

From the first season finale of Black Mirror, The Entire History of You, to the Hugo Award-nominated novel The Truth of Fact, the Truth of Feeling by Descendants screenwriter Jiang Fengnan, many literary works have appeared in a similar “replayable memory chip” setting: you can record the entire audio-visual senses intact and retrieve them at any time later.
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Publish or Perish Review

There is a popular saying in the academic world called “publish or be eliminated”, which means that in the highly competitive academic world, if no work is published for a long time, it will be brutally eliminated and henceforth has no value in the academic world. In recent years, the saying “no citation is eliminated” has also been put forward, emphasizing that the number of citations in an article is the only way to reflect its academic value and influence.
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